Creating Undetectable Payloads


Now-a-days, more and more secured system is Linux, but the facility of User Interface deceives all users to use its Windows Operating System. In business strategies Computer owners started building critical viruses, and playing with customers mind. Awareness spread about Viruses. Viruses are harmful. Then the program so called “Anti-Virus” is developed by the developers of virus. But this makes hackers task hard to get the access to victims computer. Quick heal, Net Protector are leading providers of anti-virus.
But still hackers have a smart developer also. They developed a tool so called TheFatRat. TheFatRat is a tool well known for its configuration to create virus/backdoors for victims PC.

How to create undetectable virus for PC ?

1. A kali linux setup

In order to get proper setup kindly read our previous blog on Lets Build A Environment For Hacking

2. Installation of TheFatRat tool.
Guide :- Install git in Kali.
Using command sudo apt-get install git
Now use command
cd Desktop
git clone
The copy of TheFatRat tool is copied on Desktop.


cd TheFatRat
chmod +x fatrat
chmod +x

Here’s the installation was successfully done.
Now type fatrat
It will show this screen

If it is popping up any error do comment. Else keep in touch for the next guide on creating Backdoors.

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