Build your first Virus + Trojan + Malware

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Hello ,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra .As everyone knows computer listen only one language which we don’t. It is coding. And what a hacker do during development of viruses, trojans, malware. Yes ! You are 100% right. They uses coding. But many of newbies confident on hating codes. We will see step by step.

What hackers actually do ?

As everyone knows hacker has knowledge of minimum coding & using toolkits. If you don’t have an idea about that, click here and get basic idea regarding  Attack in Cyber World

Now, what we can easily do to develop a virus.

Its recommended to every reader that Do not try to deploy your developed viruses at self machine. But it doesn’t means that you gonna deploy it on others(Schools, Colleges, Friends, organizations) PC.

As you can see in the above image, you wish to get that tool. But,….! Huuurreeeeeee !!! I  Am giving it to you guys.

Click Here ⇒ Download

Before using it on your Personal Computer Please read it carefully.


  1. Once you deploy this virus at any machine will disable to open your Terabit Virus maker too.
  2. After you made/deployed your VIRUS/MALWARE/TROJAN, the organization/this reference is not responsible for the any kind of malicious activity.
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