Health and Fitness: Black tea vs Milk tea


Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra Today we are talking about why we need to replace milk tea from green tea and black tea .Your habit of drinking milk tea has some disadvantages and for that it will caused many health problems when you drink lots of milk tea in a day

so ..why we need to change habit our of drinking milk tea and drink green tea or black coffee

lets go through it

why we need to replace the Milk Tea from BLACK TEA or GREEN TEA?

The cup of tea is beneficial for us whether it is green tea or black tea .It is rich with antioxidants called catechins . Research showed that drinking tea helps to improving our blood flow as compared to drink plain water so this is advantages of green and black tea so when we add the milk in black tea that time it completely blocked the antioxidant benefits of improved blood flow as well as it decreases the presence of catechins in milk tea.

Importantly when we added a sugar in milk tea it promotes the fat storage and sugar and it will be affects male hormone levels.antioxidant are very important for us because it prevents the cancer and other health disorders.

so it is the reason why we change the habit of milk tea and drink black tea and green tea

now we talk about advantage of drinking green tea and black tea

Green TEA

  1. It help to increase metabolism
  2. 2.It helps for in fat loss and weight loss
  3. 3.Green Tea Can Kill Bacteria
  4. 4.Green Tea Protect Your Brain when your in Old Age 5.Green Tea Can Improve Brain Function

so this is the advantage of drinking green tea


1.Help to reduced blood pressure

2.Reduces the risk of stroke

3.Help to low your blood sugar level

4.Reduce the risk of cancer

5.Improve the focus


so this the advantages of drinking black and green tea

if your the coffee lover the you have to drink black coffee it has also many healthy benefits and you wanted to whole information about coffee then read our previous blog

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