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Hi, Welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. When you like hacking & wants to be a professional hacker just change your name to professional Cyber security Expert

Why to do so?

While belonging to a profession, professional name must be there. The name Cyber-security Expert issued by all-over governments.

Worldwide survey states that day by day cybercrime has been increased, & daily about 70 cases was filed per city against cybercrime.

This is a huge crime status. To solve those cases experts will be required and the experts who solves those cases have their office named Cyber cell. Cybercrime requires talented as well as qualified experts.

To count your qualification there are some certification which shows your qualities.

Cybersecurity has various different fields which include

·        Certified Network Defender

·        Certified Ethical Hacker

·        Security Analyst

·        Forensic Investigator

·        Network Defence Architect

·        Encryption Specialist.

·        Advanced Penetration Testing

·        Licensed Penetration Tester.

·        Securing windows Infrastructure.

·        Advanced Mobile Forensic & Security

·        Advanced Hacking Hardening Corporate Web Apps

·        Advanced Network Defense

·        Certified chief Information Security Officer

·        Secure Computer User

·        Incident Handler

·        Secure Programmer Java

·        Secure Programmer .NET

·        Security Specialist

·        Disaster Recovery Specialist.

When it belongs to profession, there is always one thing that is SALARY.

For the basic certificate C|EH minimum $70,000(You can convert this according to your region).

So as u go forward & learn more your pay-out will be more.

And guys Welcome To the journey of Cyber-security Expert

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