graciton : A hypothetical practical that inspires gravity


The graciton is a hypothetical particle which is thought to be responsible for transferring the force of gravity
The photon is responsible for communicating all electromagnetic forces, and it has been shown mathematically that a mass less spin 2 particle would produce a force exactly equivalent to gravity.

graciton is an incredibly weak force (compared to the other fundamental forces) which means that the particles that transfer it only interact very weakly with matter

Since gravitation would apparently be identical to their antiparticles, the notion of anti gravity is questionable .The gravitation should be one of these particles.

The trouble with gravitation –

 Is that graciton isn’t supposed to be a force at all. General relativity indicates that gravity is a warp in spacetime. General relativity does allow for gravitational waves, though. It’s possible that these waves could come in certain precise wavelengths the way photons do, and that these can be graciton .

Scientists also know that gravitation have a spin of two, which makes them unique among particles. The combined properties mean that, if scientists were able to pin down an event involving a mysterious particle with no mass and a spin of two, they would know they were looking at a gravitation.

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