Graphical codes Hacking : QR code.


Welcome to the first ever introducing blog where the codes and its hacking will be completely explained. Before wasting time in lots of blaa blaa, directly jump to our session. As I already given a blog on complete hacking process, we will go in the same manner. If you don’t know about it go through Phases of hacking.

QR codes stands for Quick Replies. Where in the data hided behind the Checked type structure i.e Square shaped structure of encoding. Now-a-days it was feature of android to share Wi-Fi by just scanning the QR code, i.e Quick Replies.

It was stored in the format of


If QR stores any Link the format changes with respect to the encoding patterns.

QR stores the data as well. It is in the various patterns, few of them are listed below.

Images given below are originally taken from the Wikipedia

This is the small information about the Codes and their standard patterns and encodings behind this. Let’s see how it is used and where it is used.

There are very large amount of industry moved on Codes. For ex. India’s transaction UPI’s including Paytm, Bhim as well as social media i.e WhatsApp, Instagram(Uses name scan),etc.

How QR codes can be hacked ?

Ohhhhh….It’s not possible…What can be done ?

Well, this is what hackers do. So I am promising this can be done by just hacking. Coming soon with another blog completely on QR code hacking in our world it is called as QRL jacking.

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