GitHub top essential apps

GitHub top free essential apps on its marketplace that simplify your coding experience

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Here i am going to quote GitHub top free essential apps which give you a better coding experience. Even though those are apps come in paid version with better features and higher status you better try free trial of 14 days of Your codes to make sure  weather its suitable to your environment or not.

Here I am just mentioning A single app from each category to work with your work and try,of course you can also explore and install most of the 0$ apps and installed them on your GitHub organization or account.


  1. Code quality :-

Maintain  your code review with style, quality, security, and testing  in accordance whenever  you need them.

“StyleCI makes it a smoother to puncture my favored my style of coding which thus enabling me to contribute more opportunity to growing new highlights.”

It stimulates open-source developers to follow the same coding ethics. It allows me to dedicate to  actual code and it better  saves  the time before a pull request is taken in the master branch.

It all gives us the strength to make fast  changes to our app and apply coding standards simultaneously.

2. Continuous Development and Merge

Automatically build and test your code as you push it to your repository,preventing bugs from being deployed to final output.


It shows you exactly what visual changes are happening in you user interface . it  is built from the ground up to handle modern web apps and components, from the simplest to the most complex.

This handle all the heavy lifting of consistent screenshot rendering and visual changes  in our systems, so you don’t have to. It  comes with drop-in open source clients for many Ruby, Python, and JavaScript frameworks, plus a command-line client for static also dynamic websites.

3. Analysing

Analyse the impact of your code changes. Measure performance, analyse errors , and analyze your application.

4. Rollbar:

This amazing library  detects errors and exceptions in your application and reports them to Rollbar for alerts, reporting, and analysis

5.Project Management:

It  is provided with better equipped user interface that merges  flawlessly with GitHub repository. You can take command of  your project within the environment which  you are  familiar with, without the bound to learn a new pattern.

Also it  empowers you to know the repository   of your project better with well grained data  tools. You will be able to manage your project with the help of  flowcharts and story like short description.

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