Gaia Sausage Galaxy Merged With Our Milky Way Galaxy

Gaia Sausage Galaxy Merged With Our Milky Way Galaxy+knowledgesuttra

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today we will know about “Gaia Sausage Galaxy” and collision between the Milky Way and “Gaia Sausage” galaxy.

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About Gaia Sausage Galaxy

The Gaia Sausage is the dwarf galaxy, due to the characteristic sausage shape of the population in velocity space, the appearance on a plot of radial versus azimuthal and vertical velocities of stars for that it is called Gaia Sausage. The stars that have converged with the Milky Way have orbits that are exceedingly outspread.Credit: V. Belokurov (Cambridge, UK); Based on image by ESO/Juan Carlos Muñoz

The furthest points of their orbits are around 20 km/sec from the galactic focus at what is known as the corona break.

The collision between the Milky Way and “Gaia Sausage” galaxy

The Collision between the Milky Way and Gaia Sausage galaxy was defining the event in the history of the Milky Way Galaxy and change the shape of the structure of the galaxy, not only inner bulge outer halo also changed. A worldwide group of space experts has found that an ancient, intergalactic impact occurred between the Milky Way and dwarf galaxy “Gaia Sausage” around 8 to 10 billion years back. The ‘Gaia Sausage’ recreated the Milky Way, by puffing up the thin plate to make it a thick circle, while the gas is brought into the Milky Way set off a crisp round of star arrangement and recharged the thin plate. The debris from the dwarf galaxy gives the greater part of the metal-rich halo.

According to the statement, after the impact, the stars deserted from the Sausage system moved in spiral orbits in long, narrow patterns, as indicated. The Sausage galaxy gets its name from this sausage-shaped, spiral orbit. The sausage-shaped formed the way that these stars circle in is the thing that tipped the specialists off about this impact since this way is close to the focal point of our galaxy. “This is an indication that the dwarf galaxy came in on an extremely erratic circle and its destiny was fixed.

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