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Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra.In order to deal with hacking the very first thing that you hide is your Virtual Identity. So how actually we are dealing with the VPN’s and proxy’s,

Kindly go through :-

Why to do so ?

Because it will clear all the concepts of how IP actually works, in which you will go through its construction. And here we go for changing the static IP address.

There are many guides available that enables user to change IP address for browser dependency. Like changing the static IP address in Chrome Browser, Mozilla Firefox Browser, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc. But configuring the application we might get diverted our focus from PC(system) IP address.

Now go to, click on download tab, there is option for Purchase & Download. It will give you a 15 days FREE trial. As most of us want many contents for FREE, here it is but for 15days vpn 1+knowledgesuttra

 After few clicks you will easily get the setup is to be installed. And make sure to do the below VPN 2+knowledgesuttra

 Uncheck the entire checked box.

Now click on Start your 15 Day Trial.

The screen which appears will give you a choice to do the final setup which allows the ProxySwitcher to find active IP address range and select whatever you wish.

And now connecting the available IP’s.

There’s a switch available before IP address click on that and check your IP at any IP checker website.

Keep in touch for next update regarding to Cyber Security.

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