Footstep Towards 2k19 : 2k18 glimpse


Hi, we TeamKnowledgeSuttra started this platform to forward all our knowledge to knowledge seekers. This community started increasing day by day.

We have started KnowledgeSuttra with 5 major categories are as:

Cyber Security

We have received great response from you people and many of our extraordinary readers have help us by submitting Guest Articles. Which encourage use  to explore our categories hence Later on we have added following Categories:

Health And Fitness
Guest Articles
Event Blog
Student Section

Further on we fell why not provide free guide regarding Development. And here comes our FREE GUIDE SECTION, we named as :

Android Development Website Development Guide

Our Achievements

KnowledgeSuttra give us lot of thing, one best thing is confidence to represent our self ,Sharing and Unity .Many great things happened in mean time.

We TeamKnowledgeSuttra have delivered seminar on Cyber Security and Website Development. Have represent our self in State level Project competition.

One of the best response we have get on International Women’s Day , we do have uploaded 6 Article in one day. And the interesting things about this day , all this article submitted by our readers. Hartley thanks to all of you.

We have started this site with aiming to upload 1 blog/day. And i proudly announced that we have achieved our goal, now we have around 365+ article on our site .Anyone can access these useful article FREE OF COST.

On the top of everything we have made these Huge Knowledge Seekers Community .

Shout Out

A huge shout to all the TeamKnowledgeSuttra.

Akshaykumar Rokade

The guy behind all the website development related article .

Piyush Patil

Responsible for Android Development,Technology & Science related article.

Abhijeet Hirekhan

Responsible for uploading article related to Technology, Science and Business related article.

Rushabh Gedam  

Author of all the  Cyber Security related article and also some of the Social uploaded by him.

Rahul Narad

Responsible for Crypto Currency and Health And Fitness Related article.

We believe

“Do good to others and Best will come to you” 

This is what Happening with us in this whole year.

For our all extraordinary Readers we have launching new version of KnowledgeSuttra hope you all like it.

This is not end of the year , this is starting of new hope and journey.

We team KnowledgeSuttra coming with many new things and quality article for you. Stay connected with us.

Wish You All Very Happy New Year    

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