Fingerprinting : The finest touch to your victim.


Hello,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra . As we saw in the past that there are total five phases in penetration testing/hacking/ pentesting.

For guide click here :-  Steps/Phases in System, Server, Organization Hacking

Here we go for the next tutorial which helps us to do the fingerprinting. In which we can get information including

  •   Operating System running on the target/victims machine.
  •  Applications running on the victims machine.

What will be the benefits of doing this ?

Vulnerability finding time is saved, so you got your victim in hand.

What’s next ?

After finding the Operating Systems & Applications running on the victims machine. You can go to the next phase Second Phase of Hacking is Scanning.

How ?

Fire up the kali linux machine. As already stated in

Check this for beneficial contents. In Kali Linux use ping commands to check whether the host is alive or not. If the response is fine then use command telnet victims IP port(80)

Here are some of the Screenshots which compromise my VMware machines.

No problem if you are not familiar with commands Use the GUI version of nmap called as ZenMap.

And when finding the OS information and Applications running on the victims machine by GUI use IDServe.

To download it visit :-

fingerprinting +knowledgesuttra



For the next phase Keep in touch with us.

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