Everyone of you fooled by incognito mode/private browsing Your Private life's, private Browsing has been exposed

Everyone of you fooled by incognito mode/private browsing Your Private life’s, private Browsing has been exposed

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra.  Lets talk about private data theft. today’s blog specially for Those who

  • visits porn sites(video, images, etc),
  • uses private browsing for transaction

are damn confident that they are secured by their trusted incognito mode/private browsing of particular browser. But the worst thing is you was caught.

What your incognito mode/privacy mode actually do is “do not record the browsing history in browser’s cache memory”. As well as everything doesn’t get recalled & not shown in browser’s history we feel’s more relief as we are safe.

Ok !

Well…every time we are cheated by the incognito mode, sometimes cheated by the porn sites, as well very compromising time cheated by the transaction sites.

Here one thing which must be cleared is sites not cheats you, you are cheated by the hackers who unauthentially steals your session

The topmost porn sites which are visited and while watching online porn videos, the malware’s, Trojan’s, viruses are installed from the backend of your browser.

The big question you got is How ?

When you are watching video your window of browser shows you only video, but the thing is your net connection is on which leads the hacker to install malware’s.pornsite stills data identity-theft

Porn sites caught you ! Now the illusion get cleared.

Don’t visit porn sites.

Now we come back to the privacy & incognito mode.

Your every private/incognito mode activate session recording in System32 named folder.

Yes ! Everything you surf, search, visits, even your downloads during incognito mode is completely saved in System32 folder. As everyone knows “If your data present online it is tough to detect you, but if you are victim of an hacker he can easily track your System32 folder and you are in the hell”

So what is the safe way to keep yourself away from victimization ?

The great search engine is www.searchencrypt.com

This search engine allows the user to keep their session encrypted so that the hacker can’t easily touch your privacy.

Internet is Heaven as well as hell also. We let you to the heaven, not in hell. Keep in touch with us.


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