Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar: The Educational Transformation from India to the whole world

The journey was started from the date 14th April 1891. Near about everyone is well known with the struggling character of Bhimrao Ambedkar. Started struggling from the primary education and the obstacles comes in life as well as the brutal experience also. Hence there is one more thing which was born is Calm Survivor

And this guy tried hard and somehow manages to study and become the very first guy to qualify the metric examination. Almost every obstacles has been faced and become the B.A(1912), M.A(1915), Ph.D(1917), MSc(1921), Bar-at-Law(1920), D.Sc(1923), L.L.D(1952), D.Litt(1953).

And he’s well known as Symbol of Knowledge.

The story was motivation to the the child’s as well as to the grandparents too.

As already stated Calm Survivor, but the path he chooses is no about his calmness. He said well said. Some most popular great thoughts that was accepted globally are listed below.

The great thought's of Symbol of education Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar


  • Education is a Tigress milk, whichever it prepares, it will not be left without groaning
  • Learn, get organized, fight !
  • Without letting slavery be slaves, he will not rebel !
  • Injustice is more tolerant than injustice to injustice !
  • People’s Character is the highest wealth !
  • At least 20 percent of your income should be spent for our community!
  • Do not deal with your self-respect for your political and personal interests!
  • Grab the ‘dead spots’ in the administration with the help of your education and intelligence!
  • Grab the justice if it does not come out!
  • Stay like a tiger for a single day, rather than living like a goat for 100 days !
  • Sacrifices of sacrificial animals and sacrifices offered in the temple are not given to the tiger-lion.

They said To live a years & years not necessary to be live with existence, do something in such a way that people’s will remind you till their death.

As he said he done & after the Mahaparinirwan, he’s living by their thoughts. Now the world is also pretending that the way Bharatratna Ambedkar suggested is the way to success.

India itself has a great history of biggest changes ever. Read the history to write the history.

Thank you. And wish you a very Happy 127th Birth Ceremony of Bodhisattva Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.

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