Doxagram : Selling of instagram accounts


After the Facebook data breach the hackers target the bigger community i.e Instagram. Now it is confirmed that the hacker is from Russia and nearly thousands of accounts hacked including the 6 millions celebrities. All this accounts and details are available on Doxagram. Which is shop of 6 million “High Profile” verified accounts leaked database.

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Just yesterday, we reported that Instagram had patched a critical API vulnerability that allowed the attacker to access phone numbers and email addresses for high-profile verified accounts.

Now it is to be assumed whatever data that has been leaked it can be one of yours, so reset your password.

How to set secured password ?

  1. Password must contain at least 6-8 Characters in which you must use uppercase 2-3 elements.
  2. It must have 2-3 Special characters.
  3. It must contain at least 4-5 numeric digits.

In this way it is considered as the much stronger password like Amijacksen@99786.

After the Facebook security Breach, Instagram data is available for sale at Doxagraminstagram hacked+knowledgesuttra

Now reportedly Instagram delivers the notification to each account whose password stolen/hacked by the hackers. To take care of their accounts.



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