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Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra .Maximum time the user wants to download Softwares/ Files(resumes, documents, Excel sheets, etc)/Games, Videos, etc. But surfing on the web with Traditional HTTP(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is not appearing the satisfactory results. Then there is need of changing the traditional way to Advanced way.
Lets have a small introduction towards the protocols existing in the Web.

  • HTTP/S :- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol/Secured
  • FTP:- File Transfer Protocol
  • SMTP :- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • TCP/IP :- Transfer Control Protocol
  • UDP :- User Datagram Protocol

These are some of the most important protocols which we face daily.
HTTPS used for HTML/Web pages transferring from host to destination. And whenever we tries to download anything from web there’s transfer of data which is large in size, almost every host uses the FTP protocol.
Lets get to the guide.
Go to browser -> enter the address

The above screen appears before you. Before proceeding introducing you a very sophisticated way to browse. Check the given image to find category of which you want to download. Don’t waste time in doing so. Directly jump to the next phase. In which interface will look like Google.

Enter your query. Then click on the Enter.
Great News ! We got the exact application which we want to download. But if you can notice the software’s links are not working because there’s a small lock present which must be unlocked, then and only after then you are able to download.

How to unlock ?

Click on lock or here given in link.

It asked for the unlock code.
Now next step.
Click on Get the code >>> Button shown below in the gegereka page.

Now you may confused about giving the actual data should be problematic. So provide fake details. Which are not existing. As shown in figure.

But note :- Mail box must include @ and .com as well as correct captcha.

Good news, we got access. Click on Access Granted >>.
Click on any of the software’s link, also there’s option to directly establish connection with host machine’s database, via FTP protocol.

This is arrives when clicked on connect to database, and if we click on the file. The download will automatically started.

Here Is Quick Video tutorial, Take a look.


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