The last blog you might have seen about the same topic Creating Undetectable payloads . But in that session the configuration of tool well known as TheFatRat. Configuration doesn’t leads us to get the Payloads Completely constructed and deployed. We made a setup for the virus creation if still not, must read Creating Undetectable payloads

Features and Properties of TheFatRat

  • Easy to develop.
  • Configure with msfconsole
  • Metasploit Integrity.
  • Fast search in SearchSploit
  • Bypassing Almost every antivirus.
  • Creation of backdoors by various techniques.
  • Creation of backdoor’s for almost every Operating System.
  • Starts multiple reverse_tcp listeners.

Here we go with virus development and deployment.

The Fatrat+knowledgesuttraAll the tasks done by pressing 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and esc Buttons.

The better way to change the icon of the backdoor is move inside of the directory and Open /TheFatrat/icons

Then find autorun.ico

Paste your newly created image in that and save it by name of autorun.ico

In short use the power of Ctrl+c & Ctrl+V.

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