Know What’s Your calories balance states

calories balance states

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra . Today we are talking about calories balance states,so what is calories balance because it related to your nutrition plan that why you should know about your calories balance state so lets started

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How to know our calories balances states?

there are three different state of calories balance

  1. Negative calories balance
  2.  Neutral calories balance
  3.  Positive calories balance

so lets started with first

1)Negative Calories Balance

This occurs when someone burn more calories that he or she consumes. Your body needs calories to produce energy for your daily function that’s get from your food, it necessary energy will come the breakdown of body tissues and negative calorie balance always results in weight loss

2)Neutral calories balance

a person intake of calories is the same as the expenditure of activities and body processing this means that all the calories you consume will be used for some form of body process and your weight will remain stable now of course calorie intake and activity is onany given day are not going to be exactly 100% the same but over the course of weeks and months a neutral healthy balance is quite possible if your weight hasn’t changed over the last few months you calorie balance is almost always neutral.

3) Positive Calorie Balance

Here more energy is consumed through fuel and is being burned to produce body processes and movement in This case the extra calories are stored as either glycogen in the maslen liver or as fat

calories are literally the building blocks of body tissue and if you burn fat you have to make sure that not enough calories are shoveled


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