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Steps/Phases in System, Server, Organization Hacking

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra . To gain access in anyone’s/organizations system, there must be a proper way to do so. Meanwhile Cyber Security world is always gone through all this things. Stealing someone’s/organizations data is like impressing a girl to love you, and then having her with you rather than her parents. Yes ! All the things which we do to impress a girl and make her fall in love with you, all we need to do during a single System/Organization hacking.

content :-

:-First Phase of Hacking Reconnaissance

:-Second Phase of Hacking is Scanning.

:-Third phase of hacking is Gaining access.

:-Fourth Phase of Hacking Maintaining Access

:-Fifth Phase of Hacking Clearing footprint/tracks


When we see attractive, gorgeous girl the very first thing which we do is Starts Gathering moreover information about her. Same thing we want to do with the system hacking.

We need to start information gathering which is the first phase of hacking. By professionals it is named as Reconnaissance.
Reconnaissance include the information about system.

First Phase of Hacking Reconnaissance

In this it has two phases.

  1. Active reconnaissance
  2. Passive reconnaissance

1. Active reconnaissance

In this case the hacker steps ahead by directly interacting with the organization/system/victims. But if he has a face of anonymous/hacker then hacker can’t get as much information about victims. Hence hacker need to be professionally presenting himself to gather more information about victims. Somewhat it is the dangerous case like asking about our crush to her parents

2. Passive reconnaissance 

In this case we do not directly interact with the company/organization/system. As much as possible we gather information available online on websites, google, etc. But avoiding directly interaction with organization/systems/someone.

But whatever information available on the internet is also sensual, and that’s what we want during hacking. Just like Not asking about our crush to her parents

Second Phase of Hacking is Scanning.

Scanning allows the user to know more about victim. In this phase a hacker gains information about the technical issues, bugs, backdoors, loophole, as well as open closed ports list, IP, and flaws in the victims system.

It include the usage of tools. Pinging, port scanning, vulnerability scanner, nmap(Network mapper), etc. Keep in touch we will directly interact with tools & get a better practice session over it.
Scanning is not a start of hacking. Hacking is started since you victimized a system. Now you are at the second stage & only three stages/phases of hacking are left.

Lets get to the third one.
Scanning is comparatively same as proposing a girl. If she accepts then hacker allowed to get in the third phase of hacking.

Third phase of hacking is Gaining access.

Gaining access is also a section of tools. Unlike we used gifts to control our crush to be with us. This tools are taken by completely hands on practice session. Coming soon. I am really glad to tell you that your hacking/victimizing has been done.

But still there are two main phases of hacking are left .The last two phases are Maintaining access & clearing footprint

Fourth Phase of Hacking Maintaining Access

It contains the activities that performed by a hacker to control all the required activities under hackers control.

Fifth Phase of Hacking Clearing footprint/tracks

It is the main + biggest phase where hacker comes back from the victims system with clearing hacked way, self IP, and our witnesses of proving that none other than you was hacker behind it. Hence be focused on this. Because organization uses honeycomb like structure in which hacker get caught. Be in touch for coming tools videos.

Let’s go through this video session.

Attack in Cyber World :Soul of cyber Security_3

HI,There are various attacks and different types of used by Cybersecurity experts in hacking systems. In which a system configuration required a high performance.

Please checkout the recently updated blog  NEEDED CONFIGURATION FOR HACKERS PC: SOUL OF CYBER SECURITY

Let’s back to the topic. There are various kinds of attacks available in cybersecurity. Before jumping on attacking first of all we will go through the types.

Various types of attacks in the cyber world :

When an hacker decides what to attack, it can be a LAN, PC, Network, drones, etc. After that what hacker needs is a very big question. Hacker needs either an unauthenticated access or database or anything else.


Case 1:

If he/she needs an unauthorized access then hacker Bruteforces a login panel, and gains the admin level access.

Case 2:

If hacker needs the database files then, there are various ways one of them is SQL injection, etc

Case 3:

If hacker needs full access over a device then malware/bots attack is preferable.

Likewise there are many cases, we are unable to discuss all at the same time by text. Lets get to the small video session, if you liked please convey us by comments.

Now it is easier to compare all the differences.

Some of the vectors are listed below

  1. Advanced persistent Threats
  2. Botnets
  3. Cloud computing
  4. Insider attacks
  5. Mobile threats
  6. Viruses, worms & malware.

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The Hacking Grammar : Unknown Fact

HI,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra .Every branch and every department when deals with problem’s and obtaining its solution the proper language.

And this is makes you professionally survivable in the industrial environment.

Yes !

Its really as important as “Regional language to survive in area, and universal language to survive in the world”.

Hacker’s surveillance in Hackers

Have you ever heard Doctor told someone “open bearings of ECG & insert iron plate drilled of 10mm whole”  LOL !

Hereby I am damn sure to tell you that you never heard such kind of language usage from doctor.

Just because they are doctor they only use vocabulary like Get that ECG, plug it, get the oxygen mask ready.

Same with the hackers, Have a look at some great vocabulary used by the Hackers Communities

As you gone through the small 5 minute video, you can get the small knowledge. Here we’re exploring something more.

The Hacker :- Malicious Programmer & Software Destroyer.

Attribution :- Who is a legitimate hacker behind the hacktivity.

Backdoor :- Back specifies unauthorized Door specifies access.

Bug :- Its a flaw of software, error that can harm its functionality.

Chip-Off attack :- In which hacker needs to physically remove storages, like memory card, HDD,etc.

DDOS :- Distributed Denial of Service in which server made busy hence others will be misguided.

If you really wish to know more

Privacy again going to compromised but “Door to privacy is here”

Hello guys ! As we already discussed about the Google’s safe search engine, Currently it is not working !

Why ? How and what are the consequences and alternatives for it. We’ll see all one by one.

As already declared, and Google already announced that every user who encounter’s search through the search engine “” he/she will be redirected to the official Google Search engine named “

Why is this happened ?

Currently no reason was revealed by the official Google center’s, So it has no clue to get to the actual reason.

What will be the Alternatives ?

Hereby we are glad to say that, we already had a session on private & safe browsing by keeping your searches encrypted. So that whenever anyone tries to decrypt he/she will be encountered by the officials and you & your privacy will never be compromised.

If you didn’t checked our last blog regarding to your privacy please visit and check about But currently this service has been stopped by the official Google on its platform. No worry about this. Because we have a great browser called as SearchEncrypt( this is still opens a door to your privacy. This search engine do not keeps track of what you are surfing on the net.

You must visit the links followed in the list. Here is the discussion of user’s of search encrypt search engine.

Setting of Static IP address in Kali Virtual Machine

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. As you all knows Kali linux importans. Kali plays major role in The world of Hacking . As a beginner everyone has problem with IP configuration in Kali.

Mostly asked  questions that

1)      To be safe while surfing via internet what to do for safety ?

2)      How to configure the static IP address ?

3)      How to configure Static IP address on Kali Virtual Machine ?

All questions are get answered after you read this.

Setting up mask while doing illegitimate things is as necessary as our clothes during the bad situations. If you wish to know more about the IP,VPN,etc click here. Kali Linux as obviously works as command processing. And it is hard to configure it via commands processing.

Let’s Go !

Open the virtual machine :

1. Click on terminal or try key Ctrl+Alt+T

2.Now Check whether you are in the root or not, if not type

⇒ su root


3. Now check the total directories & files present there by typing ls(LS).

The only need to configure is IP by the single & important file interfaces.

Checkout the video for the complete tutorial.

CyberSecurity jobs are waiting here : Skills for a CyberSecurity expert must have

Hi,Welcome to KnowledgeSuttra.  As we are in the way of learning Cyber Security, many thing’s still need to know. Yes,its true that we are learning Cyber security because we love to . But another question is Where should you these all knowledge .

Today i am going to quote some of the leading  sector where you can show your skill and get huge payout . Lets get started

1. Bug Bounty: Web Hacking

Programmers breaking a framework or system of an organization could wind up in prison, however lawfully hacking and capably revealing it to the particular organization could enable you to win a decent sum.

Indeed, even Google and Facebook paid out $6 Million and $5 Million individually a year ago to programmers and bug seekers for finding and detailing vulnerabilities in their web benefits as a major aspect of their bug abundance programs.

This course will enable you to investigate kinds of vulnerabilities, for example, SQL, XSS, and CSRF infusion and how you can utilize them to legitimately hack real brands like Facebook, Google, and PayPal and get paid.

2. CompTIA Security + Exam Preparation

On the off chance that you are an amateur and you need to attempt your hands and make a profession in the digital world, at that point you require a decent accreditation.

Starting with essential security basics, dangers and vulnerabilities, this course will enable you to stroll through further developed points, furnishing you with the information you have to pass the all around perceived CompTIA Security+ affirmation exam in one go.

3. Moral Hacking Using Kali Linux From a to z

Kali Linux is constantly a standout amongst the most current moral hacking devices and a most loved instrument of programmers and digital security experts.

This course offers you with the learning about Kali Linux – one of the mainstream working frameworks that accompany more than 300 devices for entrance testing, criminology, hacking and figuring out – and rehearsing distinctive sorts of assaults utilizing its hacking capacities.

4. Take in Social Engineering From Scratch

Social designing has been the essential driver of most prominent digital assaults as of late. Its effect on an association could bring about financial misfortune, loss of Privacy, impermanent or lasting Closure, loss of generosity and Lawsuits and Arbitration.

This course will enable you to figure out how to hack into all major working frameworks, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, utilize social designing to convey Trojans to an objective, and communicate with the traded off frameworks, and also shield your organization from such assaults.

5. Moral Hacking From Scratch to Advanced Techniques

Since each and every day an organization is getting hacked and having its site close down or clients’ information bargained, moral programmers are sought after. On the off chance that you need to make strides more like another profession in moral hacking, this course is for you.

This course will enable you to figure out how to sidestep distinctive security layers, break into systems, trade off PCs, split passwords, crash frameworks, and bargain applications, messages, online networking records, and after that assess their security, and propose arrangements.

6. Learn Website Hacking and Penetration Testing From Scratch

To shield your sites and framework from getting hacked by programmers, you first need to take on a similar mindset as a programmer.

This course will enable you to figure out how to hack sites and applications via doing diverse digital assaults against it as a dark cap programmer however settle those openings that enabled you to hack them like a white cap.

7. Finish WiFi and Network Ethical Hacking Course 2017

WiFi hacking is a record-breaking interesting issue among programmers and also infiltration analyzers.

This online Wi-Fi and Network Ethical Hacking course are organized in an approach to furnish you with a top to bottom, hands-on, complete data on Wi-Fi hacking and its security to shield it from any digital assault.

Before the finish of this course, paying little respect to involvement, you will have the capacity to break a wide range of WiFi encryption techniques and prepared to begin seeking after your vocation in arrange security.

8. Hands on, Interactive Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

This course will show you, continuously, each phase of an infiltration testing condition with the goal that you can change and test your aptitudes.

You will likewise figure out how to utilize Rapid 7’s Metasploit to abuse targets and run post misuse procedures, use PowerShell with Empire, and sidestep hostile to infection programming from real merchants.

9. Digital Security Volume I: Hackers Exposed

Web security has never been as essential as it is today with more data than any time in recent memory being dealt with carefully around the world, government directing mass observation, and programmers taking touchy information from the badly prepared systems, sites, and PCs.

This course will walk you through rudiments of hacking to a comprehension of the danger and weakness scene, manufacture an establishment to extend your security learning, and ensure yourself as well as other people.


Everyone of you fooled by incognito mode/private browsing Your Private life’s, private Browsing has been exposed

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra.  Lets talk about private data theft. today’s blog specially for Those who

  • visits porn sites(video, images, etc),
  • uses private browsing for transaction

are damn confident that they are secured by their trusted incognito mode/private browsing of particular browser. But the worst thing is you was caught.

What your incognito mode/privacy mode actually do is “do not record the browsing history in browser’s cache memory”. As well as everything doesn’t get recalled & not shown in browser’s history we feel’s more relief as we are safe.

Ok !

Well…every time we are cheated by the incognito mode, sometimes cheated by the porn sites, as well very compromising time cheated by the transaction sites.

Here one thing which must be cleared is sites not cheats you, you are cheated by the hackers who unauthentially steals your session

The topmost porn sites which are visited and while watching online porn videos, the malware’s, Trojan’s, viruses are installed from the backend of your browser.

The big question you got is How ?

When you are watching video your window of browser shows you only video, but the thing is your net connection is on which leads the hacker to install malware’s.pornsite stills data identity-theft

Porn sites caught you ! Now the illusion get cleared.

Don’t visit porn sites.

Now we come back to the privacy & incognito mode.

Your every private/incognito mode activate session recording in System32 named folder.

Yes ! Everything you surf, search, visits, even your downloads during incognito mode is completely saved in System32 folder. As everyone knows “If your data present online it is tough to detect you, but if you are victim of an hacker he can easily track your System32 folder and you are in the hell”

So what is the safe way to keep yourself away from victimization ?

The great search engine is

This search engine allows the user to keep their session encrypted so that the hacker can’t easily touch your privacy.

Internet is Heaven as well as hell also. We let you to the heaven, not in hell. Keep in touch with us.


Get the recharge next to your Facebook timeline

Team KnowledgeSuttra is very glad to introduce you with the Facebook’s new feature.  As  mentioned above about recharge. Today we will take a short guide towards the recharge through Facebook.

check out previous Blogs :-


Before the guide you must have installed the newly updated Facebook app.

Get it at here Facebook Official

Yes ! Facebook added its new feature only for Free Lover’s. I means India only.

  • As you updated your Facebook application.
  • Go to the menu.> mobile top up

facebook menu



  • Once you click on Top up , a new screen will pop up . click on TOP UP nowFacebook-Mobile-Recharge
  •  Select the Mobile recharge
  •  Enter 10digit mobile number
  • Wait for verification by OTP or enter 3D secure password

facebook mobile recharge

  •  Checkout your mobile balance.
  •  And the last step is Enjoy.


What is the advantage ?

  • Time has been reduced.
  • Instant recharge.
  • Secured way.


1) Not for Facebook lite users

2) Still it has only two option

  •  Credit car
  • Debit card


Soon this will also be removed.

As you reached the options. Let’s get guided towards your very first recharge from Facebook.




You got your recharge.

World liver day : 2k18 Take care of your liver on the occasion of

19 April was set by the WHO as a world liver day. As stated by the WHO, liver is the biggest body part of the human body. And hence it should be healthy for healthy body. For that some nutritious foods/fruits are listed down

Espresso (Coffee) :- 

Espresso is a standout amongst other refreshments you can drink to advance liver wellbeing. Studies have demonstrated that drinking espresso shields the liver from ailment, even in the individuals who as of now have issues with this organ. For instance, ponders have over and again demonstrated that drinking espresso brings down the danger of cirrhosis, or perpetual liver harm, in individuals with constant liver malady.


Tea is generally thought to be helpful for wellbeing, however prove has demonstrated that it might have specific advantages for the liver. One expansive Japanese investigation found that drinking 5– some green tea for every day was related with enhanced blood markers of liver well being. A littler report in non-alcoholic greasy liver sickness patients discovered drinking green tea high in cancer prevention agents for 12 weeks enhanced liver compound levels and may likewise diminish oxidative pressure and fat stores in the liver.


Grapefruit contains cancer prevention agents that normally ensure the liver. The two primary cancer prevention agents found in grapefruit are naringenin and naringin. A few creature examines have discovered that both help shield the liver from damage. Additionally, in mice that were nourished a high-fat eating routine, naringenin diminished the measure of fat in the liver and expanded the quantity of chemicals fundamental for consuming fat, which can help keep abundance fat from amassing.

Blueberries and Cranberries:-

Blueberries and cranberries both contain anthocyanins, cancer prevention agents that give berries their unmistakable hues. They’ve additionally been associated with numerous medical advantages.A few creature examines have exhibited that entire cranberries and blueberries, and in addition their concentrates or squeezes, can help keep the liver sound. Expending these organic products for 3– a month shielded the liver from harm. Blueberries helped increment resistant cell reaction and cancer prevention agent compounds.


 Grapes, particularly red and purple grapes, contain an assortment of useful plant mixes. The most acclaimed one is resveratrol, which has various medical advantages. Numerous creature contemplates have demonstrated that grapes and grape juice can profit the liver. Studies have discovered that they can have different advantages, including bringing down aggravation, avoiding harm and expanding cancer prevention agent levels.

 Prickly Pear:-

Thorny pear, referred to experimentally as Opuntia ficus-indica , is a mainstream kind of consumable desert flora. Its products of the soil are most regularly expended. A recent report in 55 individuals found that the concentrate of this plant decreased indications of a headache.

Beetroot juice:-

Beetroot juice is a wellspring of nitrates and cancer prevention agents called betalains, which may profit heart well being and lessen oxidative harm and irritation.It’s sensible to accept that eating beets themselves would have comparative well being impacts. Notwithstanding, most examinations utilize beetroot juice. Also eat much more nuts and olive oil as well.

On the serious note. I would like to share the liver donation.

Nowadays due to the air pollution there are several injury causes the liver. If u become a liver donar your soul will be always grateful and prayed by your name.

Do it while you are living and donate after the death.


Domain Name System[DNS]

Working of DNS :- It do the biggest work of resolving the server name through their IP address. IP address are used to access particular server. User can access any website, any internet service. But it is unable to remind each and every address of a services. In order to access those server’s the address resolution service provided to each internet user, in order to make rich internet service.

Domain Name System accepts the input in the text format like and resolve it in the IP address format which is unknown to the client at the end.

DNS is various for every internet user. Specific client gets the particular DNS I’d.
Whereas to make a richer internet service cloudfare launched its own DNS.
Yes ! It happened. To resolve the URL in IP address to access the server, some amount of time has been spent over internet. In order to reduce the time required in DNS resolving, cloudflare  launched is universal DNS.

How it will help you ?

This is the biggest way to increase overall internet speed. The time spent during surfing internet sometimes lot much amount of time spent in DNS resolving will be reduced and these was successfully implemented.
Hahahahhhh ! Don’t you trust ?
As above mentioned try changing your DNS address via
Chrome -> Setting -> Advanced option
Firefox -> Setting -> Advanced option -> Network
Enter the DNS and restart the browser.
Enjoy !