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Microsoft Hololense: Diving in blended reality innovation

Microsoft HoloLens is simply the primary contained, holographic PC, empowering you to draw in with your advanced substance and associate with 3D images in your general surroundings.

Individuals, not gadgets, are versatile. We are prepared for innovation to move past gadgets, past screens and pixels, and past the present computerized fringes.”

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HoloLens, Microsoft’s expanded reality (AR) watcher, feels like the fate of figuring.

HoloLens picked up popularity[citation needed] for being one of the primary PCs running the Windows Mixed Reality platform under the Windows 10operating framework.

Any client with Skype on his or her standard gadgets like PC, Mobile and so on can dial client on HoloLens and speak with one another.

With Video approach, the client on PC will see the view HoloLens client is seeing and HoloLens client will see caught by PC/Mobile gadget client camera

Microsoft trusts the new evaluating structure will enable organizations to exploit the tech without the precarious forthright expense, in spite of the fact that as a general rule the cost of the term will mean clients will wind up paying over £2,000 more for the gadget over the two-year time frame.

Data Breach: Google+ way to shutting down soon

Hello There,Welcome to KnowledgeSuttra . First Facebook data breach & now Google , yes exactly a month ago we heard lot about Facebook Data breach . At that moment Google remain silent regarding Data Breach From GOOGLE+.  

Google Announced Approx 500K user data get leak to the 3rd party. The Bug where present in system From past 2 year.

Apart from Data Breach google also mention in blog about other reasons regarding shutting down Google+.

  1. Limited User Interaction
  2. consumer version of Google+ currently has low usage
  3. 90 percent of Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds

 According European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

 if personal data is breached, a company needs to inform a supervisory authority within 72 hours, unless the breach is unlikely to result in a risk to the rights and freedom of users.

In Monday blog googles says “The review did highlight the significant challenges in creating and maintaining a successful Google+ that meets consumers’ expectations. Given these challenges and the very low usage of the consumer version of Google+, we decided to sunset the consumer version of Google+.”

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Upcoming Android Pie and it’s Features

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. In our previous Blog’s which is related to Android P, from that you got some idea about this version of Android. But now the name of this Android version is declared. The name is Android Pie version is 9.

Features of Android Pie

System Usability Enhancements

New system navigation= >

Re-design of Android’s framework route to help make it more straightforward to inquiry and move between apps. Swipe up from anyplace to see full-screen reviews of as of late utilized apps, swipe left and ideal to effortlessly explore among them, and tap on one to bounce in.

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Overview Selection= >

Long-press to choose content or picture in Overview mode and see activities in light of what you’ve chosen.

Rotation= >

Get more power over your phone’s display revolution with a straightforward catch that affirms

when you’d jump at the chance to change the pivot on your gadget – notwithstanding when your introduction is bolted.


Multi-camera support= >

 With Android 9, designers would now be able to make immersive encounters utilizing streams from at least two physical cameras, for example, on gadgets with either double front or double back cameras. Models incorporate profundity, bokeh, stereo vision, and that’s just the beginning.

Digital wellbeing

Do Not Disturb (DND) = >

 Enhancements to Do Not Disturb to quiet warning sounds, as well as all the visual interference. Calls from featured contacts will in any case come through, so you don’t need to stress over missing something important.

Notification manager= >

you currently have a snappy method to kill notices from a scope of applications, so you just get those that are useful to you. You’ll likewise get a brilliant incite in case you’re swiping ceaselessly certain warnings whether you need to continue accepting them.


Multiple Bluetooth connections= >

 With Android 9, you can interface up to five Bluetooth gadgets and switch between these gadgets consistently. Approaching phone calls will be sent to all associated Bluetooth gadgets that can acknowledge, so you’ll never miss a call.

Privacy and Security

Android 9 presents various new security highlights, including an institutionalized bio-metric confirmation incite to give a more reliable verification encounter crosswise over Android.

Privacy enhancements= >

 Android 9 shields protection in various new ways. Presently, Android will confine access to your phone’s microphone, camera, or different sensors when an application is sit still or running out of sight. On the off chance that an application needs to get to a sensor, it will demonstrate a present notification on your phone. Android 9 additionally brings vital changes that secure all web interchanges and offer private web surfing.


Select to Speak-OCR in Camera View= >

With Select to Speak, you can choose message on the screen and the substance will be read aloud. Presently, Android 9 has included OCR bolster for S2S in Camera and Pictures to make text significantly more available. Just select content when utilizing the camera or in picture, and the content will be featured and read aloud.


Introductory Quick Guide On Googles Dataset Search Engine

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra . Google always come up with great ideas that will help in order to reduce user effort, Google recently started its another search engine named as Dataset Search,It is a dedicated search engine for dataset search websites.

As I quoited above its an dedicated search engine just like Google Scholar. Currently Google’s new search Engine in Beta version we can hope it come up with great result in future.

Google Said

Google said Dataset Search allows user to get information or collect info regarding

“environmental and social sciences, as well as data from other disciplines including government data and data provided by news organizations, such as ProPublica,”

Following things considered as Dataset, according to

  • A table or a CSV file with some data
  • An organized collection of tables
  • A file in a proprietary format that contains data
  • A collection of files that together constitute some meaningful dataset
  • A structured object with data in some other format that you might want to load into a special tool for processing
  • Images capturing data
  • Files relating to machine learning, such as trained parameters or neural network structure definitions

As soon as many sites start using new schema markup, The more accurate updated result we can see in future.

Quick Guide on Domain Name extension

Hello everyone, Welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Let’s get started with another quick tutorial guide. Today we going to discard some of the myth regarding domain name, what domain name extension  should is preferable for your business and all. I found many off newbies asking regarding difference between domain name extensions. Let’s get started and try have all the answer

Note:- Purpose behind making these such basic level blogs to take newbies from beginner to  expert  level. Here i am trying to make things as understandable  as possible. Still you got any query left your query in comment section and we back to you soon.

What is Domain Name Extension?

In 1984, if you wish to visit any website you need to type its IP address, further on for achieving   more usability  Domain name comes into profile.Extension plays main role just like choosing right domain name. Domain extension are the suffix at the end of domain name after dot [ex. Most of domain name end with .com extension . like , here .com is extension]it’s Also stand for Top Level Domains or TLDs.

Domains comes are considered in two types  Restricted or Unrestricted

Restricted or Unrestricted Extensions

All the extension are divided into categories as I quoted above . All the sponsored Top level Domain comes into restricted form. Let go through example,  assume .edu extensions. All the .edu extension are sponsored by  accredited educational institutions.

In other hand, .com .net .abs .tv etc are non-sponsored domain extension can be registered by anyone called as Unrestricted Extensions  

Here you find all the new domain extension  List of Internet top-level domains.

Way to make Passive Income

Hello there, Welcome to KnowledgeSuttra , As student prospective having passive income source, and live independently gives you gives you confidence as well freedom to. On these note today I;am going to gives you list things by which everyone can make passive income without wasting much time.

Note:- it just an quick overview on things that you can do to have some passive income,If you guys need details blog on same topic kindly comment below or ping us our social media accounts

By Selling E-Books

In these busy era,everyone wants to keeps there time as useful as possible. As my concert I like to keep E-books.

If you are good at something let say “Ethical Hacking ”, if you can write meaning full e book on topics you expert at,can give you good income source. You can sale E-books on following sites:

  1. Payhip

  2. Kindle Amazon

  3. Lulu

  4. Nook Press

  5. Payspree

Tutorial Courses

Many student prefer video lecture rather than books, even I do the same. Creating step by step guide which can be easily understandable by other such video can give you another income source.

The most famous platform as you know youtube and udemy allows you to upload video can have income over it. Due to Youtube’s update policy,its kind of hard to monetize videos . On other hand you can upload it on udemy

It’s an auction site were you can sell as well buy Websites and domain . The reason of mentioning Flippa here is having ready website with good traffic. Another thing is domain name which consist of high search volume keyword let say “digital marketing ”. The actual point is if you have an site with good amount of traffic or such domain name you can sell it on

Selling Graphics Design

:- Selling templates

If you are good at graphics designing can land you good amount of money. You can sell all your template on multiple sites and earn. Some of the sites from you upload as well earn passive income

  1. Creative Market
  2. Big Cartel
  3. This is a Limited Edition

Designing T-shirt, Mobile covers or any creative things can be sell on and collect royaltise


Quick SEO Guide For Beginner

i,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. As we previously uploaded blog regarding website development guide. Well ever owner wants rank there site. Here comes term called SEO. On these note let’s have quick guide SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, it’s a optimization method/technique which have impact on website ranks. Optimization done for different Search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo. A proper optimization responsible for website’s visibility in SERPs

note:- I’ll try keep things as understandable as possible, this quick guide for beginner. Soon deep Article regarding SEO Will uploaded, kindly subscribe to our newsletter so you can get quick update

How to Optimize Website in SEO point of view

Keyword Research

Proper keyword research will definitely help to consume less time as well effort.

Keyword mainly divided into two part,are as follows

1. Long Tail Keyword

Long tail keyword used target specific audience rather than mass audience .It easily allow you to rank in SEARCH result for specific niche.

2. Short tail keyword

It is an One word query which used to target in Mass audience. Mainly Short tail keyword considered in high competitive scope.

Keywords Placing

Proper keyword placing gives you an ultimate increment in PR. Well placing keywords in url,H1 and H2 tag gives more benefit .

Page Speed

The more faster your site load, faster your ranking increases. Site which have fast loading time will Index more quickly. Your page bouncing rate depend upon “How fast your site load”
The more bouncing rate will harm your site ranking.

Page speed can be achieve by minimizing java scipt,images, less animation,php etc. If you an WordPress user W3 Total Cache
plugin may help you.

Sitemap Submission

Every site has its own sitemap. It is basically an .xml file which contain all the page link which your site contain.

Submitting sitemap to webmaster tool means giving address of your page to google crawler so it can be indexed soon and in other hand it provide all page error if any page contain any error.

These quick steps can be done on beginner level as i quoted above. Stay in touch for advance level SEO guide

what kind of features a hosting plan should have

Hi, I know its kind of late and sorry about that. Let’s start with today’s topic, previously I uploaded blog regarding to website development in which i quoted about hosting  ,let’s have deep dive into it. Hosting always play role because your site speed depends on your hosting. In SEO Point of View site speed matter most.

First of all you need to have basic idea about your website’s requirement, Such as what kind of website you going to make, what language or What platform you going to use etc. Because sooner or letter you going to have much traffic on your site, and for that your site able to handle that much traffic  

What is Hosting

Hosting is nothing but the space or particular amount of storage on server on which user can design or develop their website which is accessible via the World Wide Web 

highly coustmizable +knowledgesuttra

Features your hosting Plan must have

Unmetered / Unlimited bandwidth :-

As per I quoted above you need to have basic idea about your website requirement. Once you ready to buy Hosting Service afterwords  the main thing you mostly have to concern about is your visitor never seen any error . For that you need to have Unmetered bandwidth service. Let me explain you why?

Let you have Limited bandwidth (1GB), Bandwidth is nothing but the quantity of data that a server can transfer in particular amount of time. Once 1GB bandwidth exceeds your website visitor’s sees error.


Again what amount of storage you need to have totally depend upon what kind of website you going to have. Like if you going to have BLOG_SITE 30Gb space is enough but latter on you need to have more space. If you have Online shopping site Buy Unlimited Storage.

Customer Support  

 Customer service plays main role. You cant predict when error occur some time it related to your websites coding section , sometime problem belongs to main hosting providers. That’s why 24*7 customer support is required.

Now many Hosting providers have 24*7 customer service available like Godaddy,Bluehost, Hostgetter.


You can’t any hosting service until you use it and in other hand just in sake of trying we also can,t spend money. Here review can give you basic idea, Always check reviews what type of experiences other user have have got. It will help you to get in order to decide best hosting services.


Last but not the list pricing. As customer we have right to compare all the services according to price line . If you are choosing hosting provider who provide all the features then buy for long term, you end up with paying less.

let me know in comment section which company is most trusted company as a hosting providers

A quick guide on website development : WordPress

HI welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. we received lot’s of Mails regarding Website development. So here is it, Today I am going to give you a quick guide on Website Development . If you had knack in any filed And willing to spread your knowledge as well gain, make an website starting blogging on it.

It is says that “As much as you share your knowledge, It increases your to”. In other word win win situation.

I am trying to keep thinks clears as well easy to understand

 In order to starting blogging you need your own site. And here comes a glitch, What about the coding part. No Worry, WordPress for those one who had no knowledge or Basic knowledge about coding. Drag and drop install plugins as per your requirement and you all set .

 Lets take deep dive into it

What is WordPress?

In technical way WordPress may defined as, It ia an Open source content management System [CMS] Based on PHP and MySQL. Ypu can use WordPress for free of cost, in these case you had limited access like you can’t use plugin and cant install desired theme

In order to get full access you need to buy Domain name As well hosting. I strongly recommend to buy hosting from Blue Host or Godaddy those are one of the most trusted Hosting provider, even we also use Godaddy. Before buying any hosting certain things need to be check, we will discuss these part in next blog. Wordpress: easy to use knowledgesuttra

If you still Confused, lets go through these example

 Consider you Bought an Mobile Phone[Hosting ] And It has ANDROID OS[WordPress].  once you have those things You Put an Amazing good looking wallpaper[]Theme],Afterwards you installed software or Say Application as per your requirement [Plugins]

Hope you get an pretty good idea about WordPress

Top Reasons To Use WordPress.

 1. Popular CMS

  WordPress has worlds most popular CMS. As per quoted above a non technical person can also use WordPress . It provide user friendly Back-end.

2. Lower maintenance cost    

low maintance cost+knowledgesuttra  It has lower Maintenance cost As compare to other Open source CMS like Joomlaand Drupal [ Let me know in comment section, If you have Alternative ].

3. Highly customizable

The main reason why we use WordPress. Choose your desired theme Customize it, If you need more features installed Plugins And you good to go. Some times you need pay for premium themes like AVADAhighly coustmizable +knowledgesuttra

How much does it cost to set up a website?

In order to Make an site you need Domain name and Hosting. Hosting comes with different planes like Economy , Premium etc. Cost varies according to Hosting plans.

 For Blog site

If you were planning to build an Blogging site, you can go with Economy or Starter plan, Which give you 30GB storage Unmetered bandwidth and 512MB Ram. It will cost you around 25$ to 30$[2300/- rs]

For E-commerce Site

 For E-commerce site you need to increase your budget.  You have to choose plan which gives you a unlimited Storage,Unmetered bandwidth and Ram 4gb +.  For such specification you can choose Deluxe or Unlimited plan. Which may cost you around 80$ [5,000/- INR]or more .

Note:- All those price which I mention above may varies, and I listed above plan by reference through godaddy

WordPress Alternative

1. Tumbler

Tumbler is an Microblogging site and social networking Platform allows you to follow other blogger

2. Blogger

 Blogger is an Goggles platform develop for specially blogger, By which you apply Adsense and earn. Because Its an goggles product, no need to take a look on sites security.


 Unlike the opposite WordPress alternatives listed here, HiFi is a lot of targeted to the little selling agency WHO styles or updates websites for its shoppers. It still needs a designer and/or a coder to customise its visually wealthy templates, however then, anyone, technical or otherwise, will simply update content through the CMS.


 Ghost is an open source,  it provides Adoptable process of online publishing for individual bloggers. By using Ghost you can easily  create native Blog +Knowledgesuttra

Interestingly, the platform is free, however Ghost charges for its server. In fact, Ghost charges supported the amount of blogs, also because the total traffic of all diary’s (one blog with ten,000 or fewer views a month is $5 monthly).

Just small investment of time and with  little bit sense  you also can be WordPress Front-end developer.

Feel Free to  ask any question regarding above topic , I’ll glade to help you out







Flutter : Can Be A amazing Platform for Developers

Hi, recently Google comes up with brand New flutter. The question might be arrive everyone mind here is, what is Futter ? . We are going to deeply discuss about Flutter and future scope of flatter.

What Is Flutter?

Just imagine it, A single code for Android and iOS application both ,yes .Flutter is an amazing platform developing Apk, for both iOS and Android.  In technical jargon Flutter is an open-source mobile application development SDK.

Flutter use object-oriented concepts & imperative programming concepts (loops, conditionals)

Here Google using its own developed language dart, by which developer can easily read,change or remove operation,so developer can have full control over the systemdart+knowledgesuttra

Why choose Flutter

 The reason behind I highly recommend Flutter is, you no need hire 2 different team for android and iOS APK development .in other words ,way to reach more user in single investment. But here is glitch , as Flutter developer team mention”flutter is still not ready”  .Some features like accessibility, are not yet ready for broad deployment.

It allow developer to develop build beautiful mobile apps in easy way  and even is any person  don’t have strong background in programming can still use flutter

Another thing which I like to mention,Flutter uses it’s own high-performance rendering engine to draw widgets rather than  WebView or the OEM widgets that shipped with the device.

NOTE:- As flutter in Development stage , You may find some feature is available as you need, Its your decisions to go with flutter or not

Key feature in Flutter

  • Heavily optimized, mobile-first 2D rendering engine with excellent support for text
  • Modern react-style framework
  • Rich set of widgets for Android and iOS
  • APIs for unit and integration tests
  • Interop and plugin APIs to connect to the system and 3rd-party SDKs
  • Headless test runner for running tests on Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Command-line tools for creating, building, testing, and compiling your apps

Minimum requirement to setup Flutter

For Windows users

  • Windows 7 or latter 64bit
  • 400mb Disk space
  • Tool need to install PowerShell [letest version] and Git for Windows


  • macOS 64bit required
  • Minimum 700 disk Space
  • Following command lines should be available in your system
  • bash,mkdirrmgitcurlunzipwhich

For Linux

  • Linux 64 bit
  • Minimum 400mb disk space required
  • Following command lines should be available in your system
  • bash,mkdirrmgitcurlunzipwhich

Download Letest version of Flutter from here

Or Visit Official Flutter Site

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