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Momo : The scariest tragedy after “Blue whale game”

The game which ended hundreds of life before few days. But in response to that the Cybercrime department of every countries taken steps to stop and avoid the game named as “Blue Whale”. Not only in India but also from other countries also, the death ratio increased and later on after hard work it was totally controlled by the Cybercrime department. Now the trojen called “MOMO”. Its not yet confirmed about is it warm or its a game of challenges.

Somehow we got the “Momo’s talk”

On the basis of recent updates from Momo’s Article it is considered as unauthorized activities by any hacktivist/malware(not yet confirmed). Later on If the user refused to accept the challenge his/her number will connects to the 3 mobile numbers in the Japan, Mexico and Columbia. And here MOMO catched its victim.

To keep yourself away from this attack the only thing that you can do is

Block the contacts from which you are getting such suspicious calls/texts/messages.

Sometime you will get message like “Hacked your mobile”, don’t worry dear, your mobile owner should take this tension, if your whatsapp getting hacked its owner should take care of it.

Stay tuned !

Stay safe !

Meteorite : Some Unknow Fact

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today we are discus about the meteorites and benefits of meteorite for earth. As we know every meteorite is a part of early lost worlds, it is a part of any destroyed planet or it looks like rock. But guys do you know the elements which is present in the earth, is comes from this meteorites or space particles.

Past research found that numerous space rocks seem to have comparable circles and syntheses and that every “space rock family” shaped when an impact smashed a planet-estimate body into numerous pieces. As of not long ago, researchers had proposed that lone around 44 percent of the space rocks in the inward primary belt had a place with five space rock families, each named after their biggest body — Flora, Vesta, Nysa, Polana, and Eulalia. Presently, analysts find that basically, every one of the space rocks in the internal principle belt has a place with either the five primary families there or to individuals from old scattered “phantom” families.


The analysts found that around 85 percent of the space rocks in the internal primary belt had a place with the five fundamental space rock families there. The rest of the 15 or so percent additionally either had a place with these five families or, more probable, originated from a couple of apparition families, they said.

These new discoveries cast light on the inceptions of most shooting stars that hit Earth. “Researchers have these great accumulations of shooting stars, and they’re all marginally unique,”

Dermott said. “The central issue was, ‘Are these distinctions in the shooting stars since they originate from a substantial number of various articles, or on the grounds that they originate from a couple of items that advanced after some time?’ We’re stating these shooting stars by and large originate from few protests that were genuinely huge, many kilometers in width or more.”

The Perfect Way to Have A User-Friendly Site

Business houses definitely wish to have a user-friendly website quickly. Such a development will allow one to have the edge to supersede the business competitors. The best way to have such a website development is through the use of Symfony as the application platform.

The Features Of Symfony

There are certain features incorporated within Symfony.

1. It has a PHP component along with that it has an application framework, a community and a philosophy.

2. Symfony Framework is basically a PHP framework that has the Symfony component incorporated so that a website can be built which is rich in features.

symphony+knowledgesuttraimage Source:-Brainvire

3. The components are those features which can be reused to build PHP applications.

4. When business houses hire Symfony developers then these components can be used to develop phpBB, Drupal and eZ Publish.

5. Symfony community is another amazing feature. There are many developers who continuously help in the growth of Symfony.

6. The Symfony philosophy aims at promoting the best practices which help in making the development more beneficial.

The Benefits of Using Symfony as A Web Development Platform

There are many benefits that can be had when Symfony is used for developing websites. Developers can easily develop a website using this platform. One need to hire dedicated Symfony programmer India to have such a web development.


Image Source: Digitalworker

1. It must be agreed that all want to have a web development which is fast in nature.

2. That fast development can be had when Symfony is used as the development platform.

3. Less memory is consumed and the application can be developed fast.

4. This enables business houses to have rapid development of the website and surge ahead of their competitors.

In order to have such development, it is always wise to have the service of reputed web developing organization. The reason being their developers have the required experience in developing websites based on Symfony and can be relied on to make possible having best of development.

1. Flexibility is another amazing benefit of using Symfony as the web development platform.

2. The platform is fully adaptable to the requirements of the developer.

3. In other words, business houses can easily have their requirements implemented into the website when this web development platform is used.

4. The event dispatcher and the dependency injector help a developer to design and develop complex applications easily.

5. The complex applications having multiple functions can be easily designed and developed using Symfony as the web development platform.

6. Developers of the best Symfony development company India have the experience in using these features of Symfony so that websites can be effectively developed.

7. The desired functionality can be built one by one and the development pace can be set by the developer.  

8. This development platform allows developers to introduce unique functionality so that the website becomes unique in the digital world.

It is an expandable framework and so it is easy to expand the site without much of a hassle. In this framework, everything is present in a bundle. Each and every bundle can add new functionality to the site and so it can be expanded. The bundles can be reused and a change in the bundle can change the entire framework and developers need not change the entire framework.

1. Stability is what one can expect from using this framework.

2. Developers can provide support for a longer period of time.

3. Developer love to use this development framework and so they tend to concentrate more on the core functionality of the application.

4. The task of the developer becomes easy and error-free and one can expect to have a better web application developed.

5. Web Debug Toolbar is a tool of Symfony which can be used by the developer effectively to address any errors and other issues with security.

6. Such a tool enables the site to be error free and have the best of security features incorporated.

User-friendly nature of the site is another big advantage of using Symfony as the web development platform.

How To Have Such A Development

In order to have such a development one need to contact the best of web development organization. There are reasons for such a hiring.

1. Their developers have the experience which enables them to introduce all the amazing features of Symfony into the website.

2. One can expect to have on-time delivery of the site which is required in this era of competition.

3. The website would be productive in nature and business houses can expect to have the best of business enhancement using such a site.

4. Cost-effectiveness is also a factor when reputed web development organization is hired for developing a website on Symfony platform.

So, one needs to hire the best developer and have the best of the site developed using Symfony.

About The Guest Auther

Shiva Kushwaha

Shiva Kushwaha is a lead blog writer, blogger & content marketer, he publishes and manage the contents on many blogs. Shiva writes about lifestyle, technology, travel, health and more. He has been in the marketing industry since 5 years and with a very valuable experience in this industry, He has marked his footprints as a renowned guest blogger in Delhi.

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Why Use Joomla for Web Development

One may be amazed to note that after being created in the year 2003 Joomla has helped to develop 3 million websites. It is not that such choice is made by many due to no reason. There are definite reasons for such a choice and one must also make such a choice after reading through the benefits.

How to Have Such A Site Development

One may be thinking how to have such a site development using Joomla. It would be wise to hire the best of joomla web developer so that effective design and development can be made incorporating all the features of Joomla.

Image Source: Cyberflavors

1. The experience of such developers will enable them to judge the best of features to be included so that the site becomes one which serves the purpose of business for which it is developed.

2. The development of the site can be made in a cost-effective manner if it is developed by reputed developers.

3. One can expect to have all the benefits of Joomla when the site is developed by reputed web development organization.

The Reasons for Choosing Joomla as the Web Development Platform

One may think that having Joomla as the web development platform will offer them benefits like page caching, having printable versions of pages, integration of composer, having RSS feeds, support from Google ReCAPTCHA, language internationalization support and having sidebars which are collapsible in nature. It is to be noted that these are not the only benefits that can be derived when the site is developed by the best Joomla developers India.

1. There are quite a few other benefits that can be had when web development is made using Joomla as the web developing platform and being developed by the best of developers.

2. After having the website developed using Joomla by the best developer if one wishes to have a content uploaded then it is a cake walk.

3. It is not that one needs to have extensive knowledge regarding CSS, PHP or HTML to upload blogs.

4. It is as simple as copying the blog and pressing the Publish button.

5. So one can easily see how easy it is to use the site which is developed using Joomla as the developing platform.

6. After having the site developed there would be no need of any expert hand to make a content modification to the site.

Developers will be having the ease of creating an extension for Joomla. There are reasons for such ease. PHP is a language which is preferred by many as the open source web scripting language. This same language is used to develop Joomla. So, it gives the ease to add the extension when the site is developed using Joomla

joomlal for web devlopment +knowledgesuttra

Image Source: Global-visiontech

1. MySQL is used for data storage in Joomla. This also facilitates adding of new extensions.

2. Not only adding extensions this combination of PHP and MySQL makes Joomla be the one which offers ease in supporting the CMS.

3. Having a site developed using Joomla as the web development platform one can expect to have a site which is interactive and functional.

4. This is possible due to the fact that developers from reputed joomla development company can use more than 8000 Joomla extensions that are available.

5. There are different extensions available saying for like adding social media widgets or for creating forums according to the business needs one has.

6. These extensions are categorized in 33 different categories and developers can choose according to the requirement that they have to make the developed site more functional and interactive.

7. The extensions are not only categorized but are given a rating which allows reputed developers understand the usefulness of a particular extension.

Content management is what Joomla stands for. So, one can expect to have the best of such management when the site is developed using Joomla as the developing platform. Users can be assigned different level of permission when approaching the site. Secondly, it is quite easy to create a new site using Joomla.

1. There is no requirement of having any coding experience when sites are developed using Joomla. It easily creates the site in an orderly fashion.

2. The administrative panel will give one the effective control over the site.

3. If one owns an e-commerce organization then Joomla is the best web development platform that can be chosen.

4. The CMS itself is e-commerce friendly and so effective control over product and services can be had even without changing tabs.

5. The third-party components that run inside Joomla give one the opportunity to integrate various e-commerce features into the site.

6. One can expect the site to SEO friendly as there are certain functionalities inside Joomla which makes it so.

7. Simple steps need to be followed so as to make the site SEO optimized.

So, it can easily be seen how effective Joomla can be to develop a site and one must have such a site development by the organization offering best Joomla development India for having better business experience.


About The Guest Auther

Shiva Kushwaha

Shiva Kushwaha is a lead blog writer, blogger & content marketer, he publishes and manage the contents on many blogs. Shiva writes about lifestyle, technology, travel, health and more. He has been in the marketing industry since 5 years and with a very valuable experience in this industry, He has marked his footprints as a renowned guest blogger in Delhi.

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The motto of entrepreneurs is that their products in the market should be sold easily. Similarly, if your business website appears frequently in the search engine optimization, it would help you to increase the footfalls on your website. Now, how can you do so? The answer to this is Search Engine Optimization.

The basic idea is to attract people who are looking out for the products and services you provide, and Search Engine Optimization helps you give a better ranking for your website on the search engine.

There are a few companies, which aid you with their SEO services; Local SEO in London is one of the many helping hands you get while you wish to upgrade your website or facing low traffic on the same. These companies help you with many things apart from just SEO services.

Reasons why your website needs SEO services:

1. Better user experience:

SEO services are useful just not to hike up your business, but also to give your customers a better first-hand experience. If your website is not well organized and does not contain all the relevant data that your clients are looking for, it might reduce the further traffic on your website. Hence, the specialists in the field like, website designing in Hammersmith give your website an amazing look that further helps to attract more user traffic to your site.

User experience design training

2. Helps you reach for the Organic Search

In the technical Jargons, ‘Organic Search’ accounted for 64% or more of referral traffic on your website. This SEO will help you to reach the level, which again points out that SEO is a critical way of trafficking.

local search+knowledgesuttra

3. Considered better than paid media or Self-sourced advertising:

The research conducted has clearly stated the Search Engine Optimization to be at number 1 position amongst all the other sources of grabbing internet traffic.

4. Local searches boost up the sales:

If you carry out the business on a small scale, optimizing your business and the rankings of your website on search engines is critical. Many of the local consumers use these services to seek answers to their queries, directions and further details. Local SEO like local SEO in London can give your local clients a completely different experience, providing the relevant details overall.

5. Increase in the credibility:

If your website is highlighted on the very first page of the search engine results, it will automatically give an impression that your business is well established and contains all the relevant information, thereby, attracting people to visit your website. On the contrary, the websites on the second and third page will give an impression that your website is new and that you are not as well known or you do not have a higher budget to hire SEO services.

After knowing about the SEO benefits, it becomes evident that every business should hire these services provided by the website designing companies like website designing in Hammersmith. Enhancing your business with time is certainly essential.

About The Guest Author

Shiva Kushwaha

Shiva Kushwaha is a lead blog writer, blogger & content marketer, he publishes and manage the contents on many blogs. Shiva writes about lifestyle, technology, travel, health and more. He has been in the marketing industry since 5 years and with a very valuable experience in this industry, He has marked his footprints as a renowned guest blogger in Delhi.

Lord Buddha: The one who taught us THE MEANING OF SUCCESSFUL LIFE

Siddhartha Gautam, otherwise called Buddha ‘The edified (or stirred) one’ was the profound pioneer and originator of Buddhism. Gautam was conceived in the imperial group of Lumbini (Nepal) in fifth century BC.

He comprehended the part of everything from a spot of clean to the glorious bodies. He understood the more profound facts of life and framed ‘Four Noble Truths’ and the ‘Eightfold way‘ to lecture his discoveries through the recently shaped religion of Buddhism. He lectured the genuine significance of life and motivated his supporters to control their want, sins and bad behaviors to end their sufferings as a way to accomplish mental peace.Lord-Gautam-Buddha

The considerations and lessons spread by Gautama Buddha are groundbreaking. We have excerpted Gautama Buddha’s statements from his sermons and lessons. A gathering of Gautam Buddha statements and colloquialisms on life, karma, satisfaction, passing, religion, absolution, contemplation, peace, mind, truth, most profound sense of being, love, astuteness and that’s just the beginning.

⇒”The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

⇒”In the end these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you live? How deeply did you let go?”

⇒However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?

And many thoughts are here visit https: //

Queen Elizabeth II :The longest running Britain monarch the world has ever witnessed

Queen Elizabeth is the longest-lived and longest-administering. English monarch as well as the world’s longest-administering ruler regnantand female head of express, the most established and longest-administering current monarch and the oldest and longest current head of state.

She became  Commonwealth head and queen regnant of seven autonomous nations: the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, and Ceylon.

She seldom gives interviews,and less is known about her sentiments. She has a profound feeling of religious and urban obligation, and guarantees genuinely .She is by and by an individual from that congregation and furthermore of chapel of Scotland church.

She additionally has talked on 2000 aniversary, of Jesus Christ,

“To a considerable lot of us, our convictions are of basic significance. For me the lessons of Christ and my very own responsibility before God give a structure in which I endeavor to lead my life. I, similar to such a large number of you, have attracted extraordinary solace troublesome circumstances from Christ’s words and illustration”

Note :- This is photograph TR 2832 from the collections of the Imperial War Museums.
, Public Domain, Link

Queens Power:

Her Majesty additionally has the ability to name and expel Ministers of the Crown.

1. Assertion of War –

           The Sovereign holds the ability to pronounce war against different countries, however practically speaking this is finished by the Prime Minister and Parliament of the day.

2. Opportunity From Prosecution –

Under British law, The Queen is exempt from the rules that everyone else follows and can’t be arraigned – she is additionally free from common activity.

  • Control of Passports
  • The Queen can drive without a permit
  • She needs to sign laws.
  • The Queen’s agree is important to transform any bill into a genuine law
  • She doesn’t need to pay impose (yet she does at any rate).
  • The Queen has the ability to frame governments.
  • The Queen holds the capacity to flame the whole Australian government.

Much obliged and respects

A lucid explanation of how the stock/Share showcase functions

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. lets have little bit knowledge about Stock market . The total of purchasers and venders ,a free system of monetary exchanges, not a physical office or discrete substance, of shares, which speak to possession asserts on organizations; these may include securities listed on a public share exchange as well as those lone exchanged secretly.


the measure of the world securities exchange (add up to maket esteem was about US$76.3 trillion. By nation, the biggest market was the United States (around 34%), took after by japan (about 6%) and the great britain (about 6%).

Stock trade:

A stock exchange is an exchange  where stock brokers and traders can purchase and sell shares of stock, bonds, and other securities

Members participated

institutional speculators, for example, common assets, banks, insurance agencies and flexible investments, and furthermore traded on an open market organizations exchanging their own offers.

Members are for the most part subdivided into three particular segments; family units, organizations, and remote brokers.

Offer Market:-

The market in which shares of freely held organizations are issued and exchanged either through trades or over-the-counter markets.

For influencing Profits, there is no such to run the show.

One Golden Rule of Investment is Research Proper Before Investment and Invest for quite a while.

A portion of the stock influencing factors are as per the following :

  • organization Management
  • Future outline
  • Government approaches
  • Organizations execution (for the most part appeared on accounting report of an organization)
  • Obligation assuming any
  • Large scale factors
  • Worldwide signals.. et cetera…
  • Initial public offering

There’s a considerable measure of buzz around IPOs, ie Facebook. Initial public offerings are dubious to exchange. There’s by and large a great deal of energy about expansive IPOs, and the cost more often than not shoots WAY up in the first place expanding the cost to unsupported levels, previously directing itself back to a practical cost

Shared Funds

Shared assets are basically an accumulation of stocks that have comparative qualities. Some Mutual assets center fundamentally around development, so they’ll highlight stocks that show solid development patterns. Some emphasis on profits, and will contain organizations that issue high profits

There’s a whole other world to it which ll be proceeded in the further subject related blog

Much appreciated and respects

Next time we ll see what securities and offers to pick that ll profit

Much obliged and respects.

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar: The Educational Transformation from India to the whole world

The journey was started from the date 14th April 1891. Near about everyone is well known with the struggling character of Bhimrao Ambedkar. Started struggling from the primary education and the obstacles comes in life as well as the brutal experience also. Hence there is one more thing which was born is Calm Survivor

And this guy tried hard and somehow manages to study and become the very first guy to qualify the metric examination. Almost every obstacles has been faced and become the B.A(1912), M.A(1915), Ph.D(1917), MSc(1921), Bar-at-Law(1920), D.Sc(1923), L.L.D(1952), D.Litt(1953).

And he’s well known as Symbol of Knowledge.

The story was motivation to the the child’s as well as to the grandparents too.

As already stated Calm Survivor, but the path he chooses is no about his calmness. He said well said. Some most popular great thoughts that was accepted globally are listed below.

The great thought's of Symbol of education Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar


  • Education is a Tigress milk, whichever it prepares, it will not be left without groaning
  • Learn, get organized, fight !
  • Without letting slavery be slaves, he will not rebel !
  • Injustice is more tolerant than injustice to injustice !
  • People’s Character is the highest wealth !
  • At least 20 percent of your income should be spent for our community!
  • Do not deal with your self-respect for your political and personal interests!
  • Grab the ‘dead spots’ in the administration with the help of your education and intelligence!
  • Grab the justice if it does not come out!
  • Stay like a tiger for a single day, rather than living like a goat for 100 days !
  • Sacrifices of sacrificial animals and sacrifices offered in the temple are not given to the tiger-lion.

They said To live a years & years not necessary to be live with existence, do something in such a way that people’s will remind you till their death.

As he said he done & after the Mahaparinirwan, he’s living by their thoughts. Now the world is also pretending that the way Bharatratna Ambedkar suggested is the way to success.

India itself has a great history of biggest changes ever. Read the history to write the history.

Thank you. And wish you a very Happy 127th Birth Ceremony of Bodhisattva Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.

Life is full of UP’s & DOWN’s : Teaches Our Marks

Hi, welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Talking about marks is the part of an every student life. And an every single person gradually goes through these marks system .Sometimes On the marks brings happiness, and sometime that marks are disturbing a whole life. According to the mathematical formula Happiness is directly proportional to Marks.

 Lets discuss a classroom having 100 students.
70 of them got average marks in the annual examination, 20 got better & 7 failed and remained 3 are top 3 students.

What happens next ?

Those 3 guys who got highest marks they got appreciation from teachers as well as parents/guardian & from the whole classmates too.

Those who got average marks they are happy by themselves, and try better for next examination.And those who not appeared in the examination, what about them ?
During this duration of result, their parents, colleagues, friends, even classmates too Taunt’s them for getting failed, criticize their failure.bad-mark+knowledgesuttra+rushabh gedam

But do they deserve this criticism ?

This is the time where they needs a Sympathy as well as motivations for the upcoming exams of life
Someone should be there to get up & carry their demotivated result into positive aspects.
But this doesn’t happens all the time. And the student getting in such kind of depression Which lead to the path of Suicide,overthinking.

  They are decomposing themselves from inside. And this will harmful for the future of nations. Future of nation depend on the student. And every student will be the part to develop his/her country. Even he/she got failed in the school examination, still he/she has a unique power that nobody has.
So please judge students by their qualities not by their marks.
Marks never decide the future for a student.
Bharatratna was awarded to the 10th failed Sachin Tendulkar, because he was judged and empowered by his mentors only by his talent, not by his marks.