Android P comes With ultra security update

android p

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. As many of you know about Android P, sooner going to available on most of android device. Android P going to provide awesome UI,as well most of new feature.

Many of android application use network activity Without any permission to check how many aap connected to internet. But As per opinion ,these app cant see actual content of network traffic but can find server identity you are connected to. Such application easily breach your information


There are most of popular Apps  like  Facebook,Twitter and other social media on Playstore using such tactic to track your privacy in order to know your interest and target you for related adds .

What is the Solution ?

If you really care about Your private life, then probably such question comes into your mind.

Google detected these bug and As a solution on the way of releasing new flagship mobile operating system  Android p will never allow any APK to detect when other apps on your Android device are connecting to the Internet,Change in code was first noticed by XDA-Developers’

According to X-Developers:

“A new commit has appeared in the Android Open Source Project to “start the process of locking down proc/net.” /proc/net contains a bunch of output from the kernel related to network activity. There’s currently no restriction on apps accessing /proc/net, which means they can read from here (especially the TCP and UDP files) to parse your device’s network activity. You can install a terminal app on your phone and enter cat /proc/net/udp to see for yourself.”

I do have another news for those who use custom ROM like CopperheadOS they are already secure , as they recently updated SELinux  A year ago.

Another feature By android that I would like to mention , Android p will restrict all the app who use background camera and microphones knowledgesuttra


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