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what is wordpress+ knowledgesuttra+ a beginner guide

HI welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. we received lot’s of Mails regarding Website development. So here is it, Today I am going to give you a quick guide on Website Development . If you had knack in any filed And willing to spread your knowledge as well gain, make an website starting blogging on it.

It is says that “As much as you share your knowledge, It increases your to”. In other word win win situation.

I am trying to keep thinks clears as well easy to understand

 In order to starting blogging you need your own site. And here comes a glitch, What about the coding part. No Worry, WordPress for those one who had no knowledge or Basic knowledge about coding. Drag and drop install plugins as per your requirement and you all set .

 Lets take deep dive into it

What is WordPress?

In technical way WordPress may defined as, It ia an Open source content management System [CMS] Based on PHP and MySQL. Ypu can use WordPress for free of cost, in these case you had limited access like you can’t use plugin and cant install desired theme

In order to get full access you need to buy Domain name As well hosting. I strongly recommend to buy hosting from Blue Host or Godaddy those are one of the most trusted Hosting provider, even we also use Godaddy. Before buying any hosting certain things need to be check, we will discuss these part in next blog. Wordpress: easy to use knowledgesuttra

If you still Confused, lets go through these example

 Consider you Bought an Mobile Phone[Hosting ] And It has ANDROID OS[WordPress].  once you have those things You Put an Amazing good looking wallpaper[]Theme],Afterwards you installed software or Say Application as per your requirement [Plugins]

Hope you get an pretty good idea about WordPress

Top Reasons To Use WordPress.

 1. Popular CMS

 WordPress has worlds most popular CMS. As per quoted above a non technical person can also use WordPress . It provide user friendly Back-end.

2. Lower maintenance cost

low maintance cost+knowledgesuttra It has lower Maintenance cost As compare to other Open source CMS like Joomlaand Drupal [ Let me know in comment section, If you have Alternative ].

3. Highly customizable

The main reason why we use WordPress. Choose your desired theme Customize it, If you need more features installed Plugins And you good to go. Some times you need pay for premium themes like AVADAhighly coustmizable +knowledgesuttra

How much does it cost to set up a website?

In order to Make an site you need Domain name and Hosting. Hosting comes with different planes like Economy , Premium etc. Cost varies according to Hosting plans.

 For Blog site

If you were planning to build an Blogging site, you can go with Economy or Starter plan, Which give you 30GB storage Unmetered bandwidth and 512MB Ram. It will cost you around 25$ to 30$[2300/- rs]

For E-commerce Site

 For E-commerce site you need to increase your budget.  You have to choose plan which gives you a unlimited Storage,Unmetered bandwidth and Ram 4gb +.  For such specification you can choose Deluxe or Unlimited plan. Which may cost you around 80$ [5,000/- INR]or more .

Note:- All those price which I mention above may varies, and I listed above plan by reference through godaddy

WordPress Alternative

1. Tumbler

Tumbler is an Microblogging site and social networking Platform allows you to follow other blogger

2. Blogger

 Blogger is an Goggles platform develop for specially blogger, By which you apply Adsense and earn. Because Its an goggles product, no need to take a look on sites security.


 Unlike the opposite WordPress alternatives listed here, HiFi is a lot of targeted to the little selling agency WHO styles or updates websites for its shoppers. It still needs a designer and/or a coder to customise its visually wealthy templates, however then, anyone, technical or otherwise, will simply update content through the CMS.


 Ghost is an open source,  it provides Adoptable process of online publishing for individual bloggers. By using Ghost you can easily  create native Blog siteGhost.org +Knowledgesuttra

Interestingly, the platform is free, however Ghost charges for its server. In fact, Ghost charges supported the amount of blogs, also because the total traffic of all diary’s (one blog with ten,000 or fewer views a month is $5 monthly).

Just small investment of time and with  little bit sense  you also can be WordPress Front-end developer.

Feel Free to  ask any question regarding above topic , I’ll glade to help you out







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