A quick guide on “Diet Plan for VEGAN “

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Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra.  Meat provide more proteins and helps to get fast muscle gains. But what if your a Vegan , So here i am going to quote  about how VEGAN diet plan can help you gain muscle . 

As we all know good amount of amino acids only we can get from meat and importantly amino acids are building blocks of protein then how vegan are get good amount of amino acids.

How vegan can build muscles?

Vegan do not consume animal products and by products but you can build muscle on a vegan diet but its more difficult.

Main difference between vegan and traditional diet is protein intake. veganism replaces high protein animal products with low protein plant based products.

  How get good and quality source of protein?


Rice and Beans
 Spinach salad with Almonds
 Hummus with whole grain pleaders
 Whole grain noodles with peanut sauce


Get the majority of your daily protein from wheat, rice, oats, peas, beans, potato, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, quinoa and buck wheat.

How to maintain the vitamin for vegan?

Vitamin deficiencies are possible (the most common ones are deficiencies in vitamins D and B-12 are calcium ,zing and fatty acids).

Unless micromanage your diet you will have to supplement this means you will have to supplement supplementing for vitamin D B-12 and omega 3 fatty acids.

Bottom line for vegans

You can build muscle and strength as a vegan .if you know what your doing ,closely monitor your foods and protein sources and invest more time towards meal planning to avoid deficiencies.

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