A Gluten free diet

Gluten is a naturally occurring composite of two protein (glidin and gutenin) that is mostly found in wheat and barley products.

It is substantial that make TEO resilient and stretchy and its also often as a thickening agent and other foods because gluten makes big product more elastic.

Ex:- It often found in things like pizza dough pasta bread and cracker’s.

Gluten molecules aren’t broken down by heat or directly digested can be problematic for people with Celiac disease.

There are people with gluten sensitivity who suffer from similar symptoms. However the vast majority of people don’t need to follow a gluten free diet.

Problem with gluten free diet?

A gluten free diet itself offers no special health benefits
 Most gluten free foods tend to be less nutritious lower in protein higher in fat and cost more than double
 Gluten free does not help with weight loss 
 If you want to play it safe then limit your gluten intake to few meals a weak
 This is information about Gluten free diet


A quick guide on “Diet Plan for VEGAN “

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra.  Meat provide more proteins and helps to get fast muscle gains. But what if your a Vegan , So here i am going to quote  about how VEGAN diet plan can help you gain muscle . 

As we all know good amount of amino acids only we can get from meat and importantly amino acids are building blocks of protein then how vegan are get good amount of amino acids.

How vegan can build muscles?

Vegan do not consume animal products and by products but you can build muscle on a vegan diet but its more difficult.

Main difference between vegan and traditional diet is protein intake. veganism replaces high protein animal products with low protein plant based products.

  How get good and quality source of protein?


Rice and Beans
 Spinach salad with Almonds
 Hummus with whole grain pleaders
 Whole grain noodles with peanut sauce


Get the majority of your daily protein from wheat, rice, oats, peas, beans, potato, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, quinoa and buck wheat.

How to maintain the vitamin for vegan?

Vitamin deficiencies are possible (the most common ones are deficiencies in vitamins D and B-12 are calcium ,zing and fatty acids).

Unless micromanage your diet you will have to supplement this means you will have to supplement supplementing for vitamin D B-12 and omega 3 fatty acids.

Bottom line for vegans

You can build muscle and strength as a vegan .if you know what your doing ,closely monitor your foods and protein sources and invest more time towards meal planning to avoid deficiencies.


Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today we will discuss about the website Design. While merchants endeavor to make always appealing and convincing sites, fashioners and advertising staffs need to address the essential stray pieces of agreement correspondences.

Web advertising has turned out to be popular to the point that web based business retail deals in the United States are poised to twofold somewhere in the range of 2009 and 2018.

The exchange estimation of web based business benefit industry contracts came to $600 billion of every 2016.

In spite of the hurry to advanced trade, the guidelines for business exchanges are as yet the equivalent, regardless of whether they are finished up on paper or electronically.

Basically, that implies lawfully substantial deals understandings need to exhibit unmistakably that the two merchants and purchasers know about – and agree to – the terms of the assent-ions.

It is particularly critical for merchants to avoid costly class activity suits by including contract terms that deny such suits and rather depend on intervention to determine any issues with buyers.


The Second Circuit depicted two noteworthy sorts of client assent instruments. The first, called a “clickwrap” strategy, includes the utilization of an “I acknowledge” catch, which powers clients to “explicitly and unambiguously show consent,” as per the court.

For electronic records, sellers should “allude to the mediation statement close to the start of the terms and conditions, ensure the

connection to the provision is evident and clear, limit the quantity of mouse clicks it takes for the peruse to get to the proviso, and allude to the assertion condition again toward the end, near an electronic mark or ‘I concur’ catch”.

“The most ideal approach to guarantee that an intervention understanding is enforceable with clients who concur on the web, or through an application, is to have them really click ‘I concur’ in the wake of investigating the terms and conditions,”.

Quick guide on low carb diet

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Let’s have another quick diet . To achieve weight loss we need to add carbs in diet . Even bodybuilder do add carbs in diet during competition period . Everyone at least for short period of time need to have low carbs diet,because our body needs needed more energy and carbohydrates are main source of energy

 What is low carbs diet?

It compensate with more protein and less fat. Carbs are non essential macro-nutrients.by the theory there is nothing wrong with low carbs

 what is the problem with low carbs diet?

Much of critique against carbs holds true only for simple carbs . if fact you regularly exercise not consume complex carbs but it will hurt your strength level and hence your muscles gain’s

As well as take a look on does low carbs helps with weight loss?

If your are  completely sedentary it makes sense to cut carbs you don’t need the energy.also people who consume primarily simple carbs will benefit from eating less of them. A low carb diet basically guarantees that your going to struggle with hunger.the different people react different increases less carbs intake so it can make sense to try it out at least one.

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Google will allow you to delete all history by one click

HI, welcome to KnowledgeSuttra . Your browser history can expose you. It shows how you behave or where you visited recently and other stuff. As you all know google monitor your every single activity on Internet by tracking your activity.

Earlier if you wants to delete your history users had to visit their Google account landing page to see or delete past query, recently visited page and other stuff.

As you all know google always work hard provide good user-friendly services .  And hence google has introduced easier way to delete their search history.  Now there no  need to visit their account landing page, It can directly done without leaving search.

This update comes after GOOGLE+ data breach. I already have quoted a article on it.

To delete all  your recent search query, you need to follow steps.

  1. Click the three lines on the left side of any Google search
  2. Now you can see “Your data in Search” option.

Here you can either check recent search query or delete all of them by just simple click


About new update

These new update comes for desktop. And for iOS in couple of weeks I guess.

It also stated that, these new update also comes for google maps in next year .

Apnews  had posted an article and stated about how google still storing your location data, even you stop Location history .

QRL Jacking/ QR code hacking + Whats App hacking 

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Well as earlier we have seen that QR codes small info. Here is the next blog on QR code hacking. Just get up and fire your kali linux machine and clone the directory from github on your desktop folder.

Click on terminal, and move to the directory of Desktop.

cd Desktop

git clone:-  https://github.com/OWASP/QRLJacking

Now you have successfully cloned the directory on your desktop. Checkout the folder after it shows the above screen.

Once you are in the Desktop directory, type

cd QRLJacking

This will show you the existing directories like

Now go folder QrlJacking-Framework

cd QrlJacking-Framework


Now you will see this

Now type

pip install –r requirements.txt

It will install the required dependencies which are not preinstalled, if already installed then it will verify whether they are compatible or not.

Now Launch the QRLJacker

python QRLJacker.py

It will brings you the screen which is completely same as given below

This is the list of attacks that can be performed. Go ahead and try with each and every option, let us know about your experience by your comments.

Let’s Bring DBZ upcoming movie “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” officially in India

HI, welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. If you are an Otaku , you already know about DBZ. One of the biggest Anime in the history with huge fan following. I am not going to explain what is DBZ is and all. 

Today we are going to discuss about DBZ upcoming move “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”.

Which is directed by “Tatsuya Nagamine” . And it might chance that it going to be release in India also. But it not that easy , Due to Indian sensor board strict rules and regulation. According to sensor board anime will lead bad influence on kid. 

Here is the Trailer:-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynuFEc_Zg5I

All the enthusiastic Indian Dragon Ball fans frantically need to see the motion picture in theaters of India, and we need this film to end up the first-historically speaking Dragon Ball motion picture to get a showy discharge in India.

PVR India, is already ready to show DBZ premier in Theaters .

Here something we can do to show our love and support, don’t make an excuses just do it now and post on your social media .

  1. Take a cardboard and write on it “ RELEASE DRAGON BALL Super movie in india”
  2. Make an short VLOG it should be not long. Max to max 30sec .

Belong is the link of petition which may help to request of inclination, TOEI, Funimation, FOX, and the motion picture makers or the wholesalers who are accountable for this to co-work, and make our fantasy of having Dragon Ball films in theaters of India a reality!

Petition link.

Graphical codes Hacking : QR code.

Welcome to the first ever introducing blog where the codes and its hacking will be completely explained. Before wasting time in lots of blaa blaa, directly jump to our session. As I already given a blog on complete hacking process, we will go in the same manner. If you don’t know about it go through Phases of hacking.

QR codes stands for Quick Replies. Where in the data hided behind the Checked type structure i.e Square shaped structure of encoding. Now-a-days it was feature of android to share Wi-Fi by just scanning the QR code, i.e Quick Replies.

It was stored in the format of


If QR stores any Link the format changes with respect to the encoding patterns.

QR stores the data as well. It is in the various patterns, few of them are listed below.

Images given below are originally taken from the Wikipedia

This is the small information about the Codes and their standard patterns and encodings behind this. Let’s see how it is used and where it is used.

There are very large amount of industry moved on Codes. For ex. India’s transaction UPI’s including Paytm, Bhim as well as social media i.e WhatsApp, Instagram(Uses name scan),etc.

How QR codes can be hacked ?

Ohhhhh….It’s not possible…What can be done ?

Well, this is what hackers do. So I am promising this can be done by just hacking. Coming soon with another blog completely on QR code hacking in our world it is called as QRL jacking.


Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today’s topic is how android pie us artificial intelligence. We will see how and where Android pie uses Artificial intelligence, how beneficial it is. Basically the android 9/pie is design to learn from users and use it to customize their phone experiences simple. As we saw in the previous Blog of Android pie

Versatile Brightness and Adaptive Battery are two different ways Android Pie utilizes AI to modify and enhance a phone’s execution. Versatile Brightness realizes what brilliance levels a client prefers in specific conditions and naturally modifies the presentation to those settings when those conditions emerge.

Related Topic:-   Upcoming Android Pie and it’s Features

Battery life has dependably been a noteworthy agony point for the cell phone client, so this execution of AI will valuable. It increases 20 percent battery life without using any external hardware for it.

Multi-Camera and New Image Format HEIF Support with AI Technology

Android’s photographic capacities are extended in Pie. It bolsters different cameras, which empowers engineers to get to streams from various physical cameras all the while. Multi-camera bolster is a conceivably cool component since it impacts the direction of immersive augmented reality, blended reality and augmented reality encounters.

Android Pie additionally underpins another picture Format, HEIF. The arrangement gives preferred pressure over the broadly utilized JPEG design without a misfortune in quality. Apple has been utilizing the arrangement for a little while.


Another new expansion to Android is App Actions. It makes associations among when and how you utilize applications and makes proposals dependent on those associations. Cuts indicate important data from applications relying upon a client’s screen action.

So if a client began composing Lyft into Google Search, Slice would show a cut of the Lyft application with data, for example, costs to a goal and prize of stocks in stock market.

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe had set new record: The most closest to sun

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Guys this is the proud moment for the NASA, they brock the record of most closest to the sun with Parker Solar Probe .

Parker Solar Probe was propelled on August 12 this year on an exceptional, seven-year long adventure to open the riddles of the Sun’s red hot external environment and its impacts on space climate.

The shuttle passed the current record of 26.55 million miles from the Sun’s surface on October 29 as figured by the Parker Solar Probe group, NASA said in an announcement. It’s been only 78 days since Parker Solar Probe propelled, and we’ve now come nearer to our star than some other rocket ever”. It’s a glad minute for the group, however we stay concentrated on our first sun based experience.

The shuttle sports an uncommon carbon-composite shield to shield itself and its instruments from extreme warmth and radiation amid its nearby flybys.

Those instruments will make an assortment of estimations amid the experiences. The Parker Solar Probe’s perceptions will enable scientists to all the more likely comprehend the sun’s structure, piece and action and the information could help unravel two long-standing sun powered secrets — why the sun’s external environment, or crown, is such a great amount of more sultry than the surface, and what quickens the charged particles of the sunlight based breeze to such gigantic rates.