Know anyone’s location by sending link through message(WhatsApp, Facebook, etc).

Where’s my boy/girlfriend ? Where he/she spend maximum time ? Do you think he/she lied to you ?

Well know about his/her location by sending just a link to them. How is it possible ? There are many services available which are providing such details, we are going to discuss one of the trusted credential provider which is Grabify. It is the worldwide based IP provider. Today we will use Grabify as your primary weapon and later on we will use  IP2LOCATION to get the exact location of our victim.

Steps to get locations :

  • Go to Grabify

You will see the page looks like

Rather than getting confused Enter any available existing live site URL which you want to show to your victims and then click on Create URL.

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Now it will create any temporary link which grabs the information of victims. If you are unable to understand jumo to its dashboard, it will automatically jump to the dashboard, no need to do anything.

The URL that has been pasted earlier. And this is the page on which our victim will be redirected.

  1. URL which we will send to our victims.
  2. In the other link you will have options to select other type of URL shortners.
  3. This is the Access token that is used for accessing the our account and regain the session
  4. This is very important link that used to access our session without creating an account on grabify.

Now deceive the intended user/victim to click on the link. Once he/she clicks on the link your important data will start generating. And resultant you can see the Date and time, IP address of the user, Country, service used by user to access the link, whether it was referred by Facebook/Whatsapp/Twitter, etc. As well as you can see the Host name and ISP service provider name.

I tried mine, and successfully got the better result.

Now what about location.

Get that IP address and paste it in IP2LOCATION

Paste that grabbed IP in this search box. Now its done.

This is what we wanted ever. Latitude and Longitude. Now use the Google maps. And get the exact location of the victim.

Note :- Gathering anyone’s information without their permission is illegal, don’t do this even if you are having qualities. I never did this to compromise anyone’s safety. If you want to know anyone’s location just call them and ask about their respective location. #TeamKnowledgeSuttra neither encourages you nor advice you to do such illegitimate things. This is just for knowledge purpose.





Internet Response Codes with meaning.

Started the web pentesting the thing which we missed out is response codes. Today you will get the whole and sole knowledge about the exact codes and what do they means. For example get through some cases.

  1. You fired up the browser and missed to connect the internet it will give you a page, which looks like this
  2. If you setup a proxy connection, but proxy refuses connection then it will prompt as

Ohk… Now you got an internet Connection which properly responds, But after also there are some cases we will discuss them.

  1. If you typed any wrong URL, or any wrong address for website it will return like
  2. If you are completely able to connect with the internet and after also something went wrong, this is not end user problem for technical issues. It may be server error, service provider error, or anything else. Then it will return page in which server, web domain and problem statement will be given. And luckily I would like to introduce that our site is well configured and not having such issues. Let’s get through the codes.
Sr. No.
Response Codes
1.      100Continue
2.      101Switching Protocols
3.      102Processing
4.      103Checkpoint
5.      103Early Hints
6.      200OK
7.      201Created
8.      202Accepted
9.      203Non-Authoritative Information(Since HTTP/1.1)
10.   204No Content
11.   205Reset Content
12.   206Partial Content
13.   207Multi Status
14.   208Already Reported
15.   218This Is fine
16.   226IM used
17.   300Multiple Choices
18.   301Moved Permanently
19.   302Found(which is preciously removed)
20.   303See Other
21.   304Not modified
22.   305Use Proxy(Since HTTP/1.1)
23.   306Switch Proxy
24.   307Temporary Redirect
25.   308Permanent Redirect(Since HTTP/1.1)
26.   400Bad Request
27.   401Unauthorized Access
28.   402Payment Required
29.   403Forbidden
30.   404Not found
31.   405Method Not Allowed
32.   406Not Acceptable
33.   407Proxy Authentication required
34.   408Request Time Out
35.   409Conflict
36.   410Gone
37.   411Length Required
38.   412Precondition Failed
39.   413Payload Too Large
40.   414URI Too Long
41.   415Unsupported Media Type
42.   416Range Not Satisfiable
43.   417Expectation Failed
44.   418I’m a Teapot
45.   419Page Expired
46.   420Method Failure
47.   420Enhance your Calm
48.   421Misdirect Request
49.   422Unprocessable Entity
50.   423Locked
51.   424Failed Dependency
52.   426Upgrade Required
53.   428Precondition Required
54.   429Too Many Request
55.   431Request Header Field Too large
56.   450Blocked by windows  Parental Control
57.   451Unavailable for Legal Reason
58.   498Invalid Token
59.   499Token Required
60.   500Internal Server Error
61.   501Not Implemented
62.   502Bad Gateway
63.   503Service Unavailable
64.   504Gateway Timeout
65.   505HTTP version Not supported
66.   506Variant also negotiates
67.   507Insufficient Storage
68.   508Loop Detected
69.   509Bandwidth Limit Extended
70.   510Not Extended
71.   511Network Authentication Requirred
72.   520Unknown Error(Cloudfare)
73.   521Web Server is down(Cloudfare)
74.   522Connection Timed Out(Cloudfare)
75.   523Origin is unreachable(Cloudfare)
76.   524A timeout Occur(Cloudfare)
77.   525SSL handshake Failed(Cloudfare)
78.   526Invalid SSL Certificate(Cloudfare)
79.   527Railgun Error(Cloudfare)
80.   530Site is Frozen
81.   530Origin DNS Error(Cloudfare)
2.598Network Read Timeout Error

Once you have gone through this you might see that there is one sequence which is unique, i.e series of 1XX, 2XX, 3XX, 4XX, 5XX.

1xx (Informational):

The request was received, continuing process

2xx (Successful):

The request was successfully received, understood, and accepted

3xx (Redirection):

Further action needs to be taken in order to complete the request

4xx (Client Error):

The request contains bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled

5xx (Server Error):

The server failed to fulfill an apparently valid request

What is Cheat Meal? : A quick Guide

Hi, welcome to KnowledgeSuttra .Have you tired to partake of your daily meal/diet and wants to have some fast, junk food . But you avoid because you think it may causes bad effect on you and on your all gains ?

Lets clear out all the above myth and belief. Because you can eat junky food once or twice in week and its called as chit meal.

What is cheat meal?

A small amount of junk food that you include in your diet as a reward for all your weekly hard work .  it might now one question jump in your mind do cheat meals have any negative effect on overall diet progress?

No,as long as you keep your calories and macros in check

How to take a Cheat Meal?

80-90% of your diet should come from “clean” and healthy foods and other 10-20% can come from whatever foods you like as long as it fits you total daily calories and protein,carbs and fats.stick to the basics of correct dieting and “cheat meal” are not going to magically cause you to get fat or lose muscle.

Take your cheat meal 2 time per week

So this the information about cheat meal and lets look on  cheat day

Cheat Days

1) unlike cheat meals ,cheat days can have a drastic impact on your overall diet

2) any calories you consume above your Maintenance on your cheat day will counteracts your weekly deficit.

Quick guide on Carbohydrate

Hi, welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. The Carbohydrate, in another words power house of the body. It helps to provide all the necessary energy which required on daily basis. Let’s get start and have deep regarding it.

So lets get started

What is carbohydrate?

Our bodies preferred it as energy source(carbs are found in foods including fruits vegetables, granins potatoes also  pastries and candy are considered)

How carbohydrate are created in our body?

Let make it simple ,sugar molecules that are a union of carbon and hydrogen and oxygen (CHO). Your body breaks carbs down into glucose ,which is transported whole body to provide energy.

So this is  a simple and sweet definition for carbohydrate. This is information about carbohydrates.

Types of carbohydrates?

There are three types of carbohydrates.

1. Monosaccharide :-

one sugar molecule (simple)

Which are one sugar molecule for example glucose collect the coals and fructose.

2. Disaccharied:-

two sugar molecule(simple)

Include sucrose table sugar lactose and milk ,toast,beer

3. Polysaccharied:-

Several sugar molecules (complex)

Which are several sugar molecules combine together

Ex:- Include starchy food like pasta , potatoes and fiber which promotes the passage of food through the gut and thus helpa maintain bowel regularity when carbohydrates is simple it refers to a mono or dissect right they are easily absorbed into the bloodstream because of their simple molecular structure think of milk fruit and table sugar

Benefits of carbohydrates

1.During high intensity activities your uses glycogen and converts it back to glucose for neco level

2.much of the fatigue of long duration training is due to a type nervous system and not the result of sore muscles

3.providing the nervous system with an adequate source of blood glucose is important for optimizing.

Note:- Featured image in blog was credited to  Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

Space waste: What happened with the old Artificial Satellites when they die?

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today we are discussing about the Space waste, what happened with the Satellites when they die and Graveyard Orbit. In excess of a thousand counterfeit satellites circling the planet at various elevations or tendencies over the ground.

Be that as it may, these are only the operational ones. On the off chance that you likewise consider dead satellites and each great estimated bit of old satellite circumnavigating our planet, the number would be substantially higher.

Artificial Satellites when they die?

There are two strategies by which we discard broken satellites. In the first place, we back off the old satellite being referred to and given it a chance to fall back towards Earth and wreck in the climate amid reentry.

Second, we push the out of commission satellite into a higher circle around the planet, where it will keep circling the planet for many years and avoid the method for working satellites.

As you may definitely know, different satellites circle our planet at various elevations, some movement nears it. a couple of hundred kilometers over the ground, similar to the ‘ISS’, while different satellites spin a huge number of kilometers above Earth like, ‘geostationary satellites’.

Space waste + knowledgesuttraImage Credit :- NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

If satellites orbit is near

For disposing of a satellite that circles near Earth, space engineers change its circle marginally with the goal that it enters a lower circle and reenters the climate wrecking alone over a range of 25 years.

On the off chance that the satellite being referred to is too huge to be consumed totally amid reentry, at that point the last piece of the satellite fuel is utilized to back it off and de-circle it deliberately with the goal that the flotsam and jetsam falls over a remote zone, several miles from any human progress.

This remote territory is suitably nicknamed ‘the Spacecraft burial ground/cemetery’, and is situated in the southern Pacific sea.

If satellites orbit is far

On the off chance that the satellite being referred to circles high above Earth, at that point backing it off and making it de-circle would require a considerable measure fuel, something that a satellite toward the finish of its operational life needs. In this way, rather than applying brakes to its orbital speed, the satellite is pushed into a higher circle, known as the ‘memorial park circle’.

About Graveyard Orbit

It is also known as a junk orbit or disposal orbit, it lies higher than the most normally utilized circles of operational satellites. All the more particularly, it lies at a stunning 22,400 miles or 36,050 km above Earth, or, in other words miles 321 km over the most distant dynamic satellites. Clearly, ancient satellites in the graveyard orbit remain well clear of working satellites.

A quick guide on Basic Programming Architecture

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Coding can be more fun if you have proper knowledge regarding Architecture . It will also help save your time. Lets take deep dive into it.

A “level” can likewise be alluded to as a “layer

Three layers engaged with the application in particular Presentation Layer, Business Layer and Data Layer. We should see each layer in detail:

Introduction Layer:

 It is otherwise called Client layer. Top most layer of an application. This is the layer we see when we utilize a product. By utilizing this layer we can get to the site pages. The fundamental usefulness of this layer is to speak with Application layer.

In a basic words, it is to see the application.

Application Layer:

 It is otherwise called Business Logic Layer which is otherwise called intelligent layer.

According to the gmail login page model, once client taps on the login catch, Application layer communicates with Database layer and sends expected data to the Presentation layer.

It controls an application’s usefulness by performing point by point preparing. This layer goes about as a middle person between the Presentation and the Database layer. Finish business rationale will be composed in this layer

In a straightforward words, it is to perform tasks on the application.

Information Layer: 

The information is put away in this layer. Application layer speaks with Database layer to recover the information. It contains strategies that associates the database and performs required activity

e.g.: embed, refresh, erase and so forth.

In a basic words, it is to share and recover the information.

One level engineering has every one of the layers, for example, Presentation, Business, Data Access layers in a solitary programming bundle. Applications which handles all the three levels, for example, MP3 player, MS Office are gone under one level application. The information is put away in the nearby framework or a common drive

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All About Project Blue Book

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. We have another topic which you have to know about, project blue book. Project Blue Book was one of a progression of efficient investigations of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) directed by the United States Air Force.

It began in 1952, and it was the third investigation of its kind. the initial two were ventures Sign 1947 and Grudge 1949. An end arrange was given for the examination in December 1969, and all movement under its support stopped in January 1970.

Goals of project Blue Book

Project Blue Book had two goals. A large number of UFO reports were gathered, broke down and recorded. As the aftereffect of the Condon Report, which finished up there was nothing bizarre about UFOs, Project Blue Book was requested closed down in December 1969

  1. To decide whether UFOs were a risk to national security.
  2. To scientifically analyze UFO-related data.

Report no. 14

Project Blue Book Special Report No. 14 was their enormous factual investigation of Blue Book cases to date, somewhere in the range of 3200 when the report was finished in 1954, after Ruppelt had left Blue Book.  it speaks to the biggest such investigation at any point embraced. Battelle utilized four logical experts, who tried to partition cases into “knowns”, “unknowns”, and a third classification of “deficient data.” They additionally separated knowns and questions into four classes of value, from superb to poor.

What’s more, sightings were separated into six unique qualities — shading, number, term of perception, brilliance, shape, and speed — and afterward these attributes were contrasted among knowns and unknowns with check whether there was a measurably critical distinction.

Microsoft Hololense: Diving in blended reality innovation

Microsoft HoloLens is simply the primary contained, holographic PC, empowering you to draw in with your advanced substance and associate with 3D images in your general surroundings.

Individuals, not gadgets, are versatile. We are prepared for innovation to move past gadgets, past screens and pixels, and past the present computerized fringes.”

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HoloLens, Microsoft’s expanded reality (AR) watcher, feels like the fate of figuring.

HoloLens picked up popularity[citation needed] for being one of the primary PCs running the Windows Mixed Reality platform under the Windows 10operating framework.

Any client with Skype on his or her standard gadgets like PC, Mobile and so on can dial client on HoloLens and speak with one another.

With Video approach, the client on PC will see the view HoloLens client is seeing and HoloLens client will see caught by PC/Mobile gadget client camera

Microsoft trusts the new evaluating structure will enable organizations to exploit the tech without the precarious forthright expense, in spite of the fact that as a general rule the cost of the term will mean clients will wind up paying over £2,000 more for the gadget over the two-year time frame.

what are the possibilities of world war III?

Let’s be realistic here: In this present day and age, nuclear weapons are expected to goad a World War III .

With current innovation, as long as nations bring together and team up in a fight exertion, most wars can be finished rapidly.

Along these lines, we have achieved our first decision – atomic equipping is essential for a WW3 begin.

USA (6500+)

Russia (~7000)

UK (200+)

China (200+)

France (200+)

India (100+)

Pakistan (100+)

North Korea (<100)

Israel (<100)


Next, we know China, USA, and Russia are the three noteworthy monetary superpowers. Any World War III would set the three on an immediate impact course. Given the USA and Russia’s armageddon-inducingly extensive arms stockpiles of atomic weapons, we can sensibly discount the two nations as a war between either would wipe both out.

High hazard nations are: Pakistan, North Korea
Having more than once led rocket and atomic tests in the course of the most recent decade, North Korea is demonstrating no tendency to fall under U.S. weight. The United States has responded with strategic confusion, as senior authorities frequently repudiate each other inside long periods of making articulations

The minute we quit thinking about each other paying little mind to the minute we lose our mankind.

Demise goes to every one of us, yet on the off chance that the administrations get their direction, it will come only a tad sooner.

Dear Trumptards, so how are you appreciating the start of World War 3 up until now?

Is everything you trusted it would be?

TRIBUTE TO Father of World : Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

The Dr. Bhimrao R. Ambedkar is the very first man to destroy bad things and owns the new good things. And this is the biggest reason he is called as Father of World. He made the revolution on 14th Oct 1956, and this will celebration for everyone.


He told us the way of lord Buddha, now-a-days this is followed in many countries. And Lord Buddha was the only one from India who gave a way of peace.Law_Minister_Dr._Babasaheb_Ambedkar_work_at_office_in_1950

Tribute for the well known Babasaheb Ambedakr can be given by following their great thoughts.

  1. They cannot make history who forget history.

  2. Be Educated, Be Organized and Be Agitated.

  3. Life should be great rather than long.

  4. If I find the constitution being misused, I shall be the first to burn it.

  5. Cultivation of mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence.

  6. If you believe in living a respectable life, you believe in self-help which is the best help.

  7. We must stand on our own feet and fight as best as we can for our rights. So carry on your agitation and organize your forces. Power and prestige will come to you through struggle.

  8. The history of India is nothing but a history of a mortal conflict between Buddhism and Brahminism.

  9. I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.

  10. Men are mortal. So are ideas. An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Otherwise both will wither and die.

  11. Every man who repeats the dogma of Mill that one country is no fit to rule another country must admit that one class is not fit to rule another class.

  12. The relationship between husband and wife should be one of closest friends.

  13. Political tyranny is nothing compared to the social tyranny and a reformer who defies society is a more courageous man than a politician who defies Government.

  14. A great man is different from an eminent one in that he is ready to be the servant of the society.

  15. Law and order are the medicine of the body politic and when the body politic gets sick, medicine must be administered.

This man is always like a burning candle in every Indians heart.