What is Dianabol(D-Bol)

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Those are in bodybuilding well probably know what is DIANABOL. Those are just beginner may be it new term for them. Let take deep into it and understand what is DIANABOL.

note:- we don’t recommend  to consume Dianabol(D-Bol)

What is Dianabol(D-Bol)?

It is an anabolic steroid promoted  and improving physical strength, muscle building as well as it also popular steroid and it will commonly refer in the bodybuilding community. It is mainly used who build muscle or gain weight.As I quoted above  it is steroid then one question might be comes to your mind,  does it has any side effect? . Probably Yes, It has side effect let discuss about it later.

Dianabol increases protein metabolism as well as it gives a positive nitrogen balance to more anabolic (muscle-building) movement. Essentially, it truly enables your body to Build tremendous muscles significantly speedier when you work out, compared with working out without Dianabol

Its pharmaceutical name is  METHANDIENONE or METHANDROSTENOLONE and its chemical formula C20H28O2.it promoted good result like muscle gains and gaining the weight, yes it has good result as well as it gets the very serious side effectchemical formula C20H28O2+knowledgesuttraimage source:- http://www.tcichemicals.com

so let’s talk about Dianabol Side effect.

The side effect of Dianabol(D-Bol)?

  • Hair fall
  • GYNECOMASTIA or man boobs
  • Acne
  • Liver Damage
  • Organ Dysfunction

 this is the main side effect if you consume the Dianabol(D-Bol)

If you wants to consume the Dianabol(D-Bol) and how you get proper as well as in a safe way

so go through it.

How can you get the proper result as well as in a safe way, when you consume Dianabol(D-Bol)?

First and important thing, only take as 10mg tablet of Dianabol(D-Bol) , where you take any company of Dianabol(D-Bol) but one tablet is only 10 mg

How to get in a safe way?

First of all you have to consume antioxidant of side effect like multivitamins, Vitamin E and for liver health consume Himalaya liv 52 or like other tablets of other company and don’t consume  regularly ,Keep this cycle only 1 or 2 months in between  this is the short guide for consuming Dianabol(D-Bol) in a safe way and if you wish to buy Dianabol(D-Bol) then go for US brand

 note:- we don’t recommend  to consume Dianabol(D-Bol) consume on your own risk




Special technique to Grab every sale and offer

Hi,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra . As many time it happens with me, may be with you also. like you seen an add regarding any sale or offer and when ready to grab it. It prompt with out of stock . Here is small trick it might help you. let’s take deep dive into it

The very first thing you are going to check

“Amazon’s offer, Flipkart Big Billion Days, Free days offer’s, MI 4th anniversary”

Consider it is declared that tomorrow is the date of sale, Big billion days, etc. You will create an account for the same sale shop, the carefully fills the all updated account details. Now here is the time for sale lets consider 4PM.

3:59:57 – 3:59:58 – 3:59:59 -Sale On-4:00:00-Out of stock-4:00:00

Where you are wrong ? What thing you missed out ?

All excitement that you think you will put on store’s database gone into dumpbase.

Here’s somewhat tricky methods that will lead you to grab them ! Yes ! Surely you gonna get that stuffs from particular shops.

First of all, Go to https://archive.org

As obviously whatever we are missing we makes it archived. Same thing we will going to with the shopping sites.

We will submit the URL of shop which is generated during the sale, once anyone submitted that URL everyone able to get that link back and use your archived link and avail offer.

Well, the summary of submitted URL will look like

Now the question arises is How to submit the URL ?archive image 2

In the above image the very easy step to do is click on the search bar, and hit ENTER.

Automatically it will promt for page are not archived, want to archive all pages under www.url.domain

Everything is in your hands. Do not use it maliciously

NESSUS : Tool to discover, scan and find Vulnerability in NETWORK

In the previous session we’ve discussed about gaining the information of our victim. This guide is about scanning the network of a victim. But here we deal with the tool called as NESSUS. Yes ! Its open source(FREE).

Available on www.tenable.com/products/nessus. There is no need of Linux system to use this tool. You can easily download it from the link given above for MAC OS X, MICROSOFT WINDOWS , LINUX, FREEBSD, GPG KEYS. So there is no question about which GUI OS to be used for this.

Causes of vulnerabilities in Network !

1. Networking devices shouldn’t connected in proper manner.
2. Networking device’s configuration isn’t done properly.
3. A silly mistake in the OPEN/CLOSED ports setting.

If you have downloaded the tool called Nessus ,then proceed for the further tutorial.

As the IP of victim we got from the Fingerprinting. We will use that IP address to check vulnerabilities in network of the victim either it is organization or individual the Network configuration is important.
Click on new scan as shown in the image.

Nessus+new scan+knowledgesuttra

Nessus+new scanttra+knowledgesu

There are various built-in templates available. Recommended to use advanced scan & set up the parameters according to you. It allows us to make our system behave like what we want.

You can setup port scan planning, you can setup host scan planning, you can setup discovery of host planning, etc.


Setup your NESSUS tool according to your requirements.

Now directly enter the victims IP and make sure internet connection is fast and run at least 2 hours. Because it is very useful tool which scans your victim from the starting IP range to end. And then scanning the devices present in network and then gives arise the report in the user convenient form that can be HTML, or anything. In that report some of the IP address highlighted by RED ORANGE GREEN. Hope you can easily understand the color coding system. Red identifies that the devices on that IP can be used for hacking and exploiting.nessus image 4+knowledgesuttra

Now you can check one by one all IP address and one by one all tabs to check the vulnerabilities.

A proper Diet Plan for beginner

As you all know for best physique proper meal planning or nutrition planing is the key, On these point lets get started with today’s topic.

Whenever a newbie join gym, he/she isn’t focus on Proper meal. Having proper nutrition is the key for healthy life and good physique

so go through step by step

 Meal planning for beginners?

First of all,as I quoted in previous blog know your body type. If you haven’t read it yet, Have a look

Important :-   What is Body Type?

I hope you have take note from earlier blog. If not then let’s have Abstract on Body-type

1) ECTOMORPH: – Thin as well as skinny and hard to build muscle.

2)  ENDOMORPH:-Big and have lots of fat and with a high tendency to get fat.

3) MESOMORPH:-Muscular and well-shaped to the body with a good metabolism and good muscle cell.

so starting about the First type

Meal planning for Endomorph?

Endomorph people, they have a fast metabolism  that’s why they have to  add 1000/1500 calories per day from your BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate)

so, what you have  to eat?

first, you have to do Clean Bulking means avoid roadside food/fast food ,oily food or transfat food

Those who belongs to Endomorph, have to take 3 meal/day . The main reason behind it,Endomorph people must go for bulking

Meal no 1
Whole Egg
 1 boul

you have to eat more calories of food for complete to your calories to your BMR

Meal No 2
Regular launch
Egg White


In between this get snacks but healthy snacks, not junk food or trans fat,in snacks eat 2 banana

Meal no 3
Regular dinner

What should  eat as pre-workout and post-workout?

 Pre-workout , Have something contain  carbohydrate, because it is the best source of energy as well as in post-workout also eat carbohydrates, because after a workout your body needs energy, therefore, carbohydrates provide energy to your body.

Pre – Workout
Egg White
2 or 3


Post – Workout
Egg White
2 or 3


One thing kept in your mind ECTOMORPH people do less workout eat more as you can but healthy food and most important don’t go for any supplement in one or half month because your body needs to increase your capacity in one or half month. Your get increases lots of strength and capacity.


Big and have lots of fat and with a high tendency to get fat.

Those who Belongs to Endomorph body type,have low metabolism and because of that they comparatively  Burn Low Calories. Thus Endomorph body type people must go for fat loss,they have less or subtract the 500/1000 calories from their BMR

 Meal planning for ENDORPHIN

Meal no 1
1[whole egg] , 1[egg white]
1 bowl


Meal no 2
Regular dinner
Egg White


Meal No 3
Regular Dinner
Egg White


In between can intake Snack which contain low calories and healthy food [recommended to add peanuts]


  MESOMORPH, it is the good form in the human body and it is a very rare form in the type of people they have good genetics as well as in form of people don’t do hard work as compare to  ECTOMORPH and ENDOMORPH

Pre Workout
Black Coffe1 cup
Eggs White2


Egg White

Meal planning for Mesomorph?

we will recommend Mesomorph people first go for bulking and then go for muscle cutting(it means muscle to be in proper shape or size)

as we say first go for bulking and it is same as above bulking diet

Meal no 1
Whole Egg
1 boul

Meal no 2
Regular Launch
Egg White2

in between time , get snacks but healthy snacks, avoid junk  food or trans fat

Meal no 3
Regular Dinner
Egg White
500ml[Recommended before Slip]

Egg White
2 or 3


Post – Workout
Egg White
2 or 3


 note:-The above quoted  guide is beneficial  only for beginners who serious about their physique after one of half month go for advance Diet

Gaia Sausage Galaxy Merged With Our Milky Way Galaxy

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today we will know about “Gaia Sausage Galaxy” and collision between the Milky Way and “Gaia Sausage” galaxy.

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About Gaia Sausage Galaxy

The Gaia Sausage is the dwarf galaxy, due to the characteristic sausage shape of the population in velocity space, the appearance on a plot of radial versus azimuthal and vertical velocities of stars for that it is called Gaia Sausage. The stars that have converged with the Milky Way have orbits that are exceedingly outspread.Credit: V. Belokurov (Cambridge, UK); Based on image by ESO/Juan Carlos Muñoz

The furthest points of their orbits are around 20 km/sec from the galactic focus at what is known as the corona break.

The collision between the Milky Way and “Gaia Sausage” galaxy

The Collision between the Milky Way and Gaia Sausage galaxy was defining the event in the history of the Milky Way Galaxy and change the shape of the structure of the galaxy, not only inner bulge outer halo also changed. A worldwide group of space experts has found that an ancient, intergalactic impact occurred between the Milky Way and dwarf galaxy “Gaia Sausage” around 8 to 10 billion years back. The ‘Gaia Sausage’ recreated the Milky Way, by puffing up the thin plate to make it a thick circle, while the gas is brought into the Milky Way set off a crisp round of star arrangement and recharged the thin plate. The debris from the dwarf galaxy gives the greater part of the metal-rich halo.

According to the statement, after the impact, the stars deserted from the Sausage system moved in spiral orbits in long, narrow patterns, as indicated. The Sausage galaxy gets its name from this sausage-shaped, spiral orbit. The sausage-shaped formed the way that these stars circle in is the thing that tipped the specialists off about this impact since this way is close to the focal point of our galaxy. “This is an indication that the dwarf galaxy came in on an extremely erratic circle and its destiny was fixed.

Android Studio Tutorial: what is intent

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. In our previous blog Layout and views, we saw the types of layouts and views, and we saw functionality of them. Our today’s topic is Intent; intent is most important part in Android application development. Intent is use for services; to use or access any kind of services we need Intent. If our android application contains more than one activity that time we use Intent to move or jump from one activity to another activity. Today we will see the types of Intent. Need of Intent and functionality of them.

Intent gives a facility to performing late run-time binding between the codes in various applications. Its most huge utilize is in the starting of Activities, where it can be thought of as the paste between exercises. It is essentially a passive information structure holding a unique depiction of an activity to be performed.

Types of intent

In the books of Android development they say that there are two types of Intent.

  • Explicit Intent
  • Implicit Intent

But there are one more Intent which in not consider is called Pending Intent.

what is intent+knowledgesuttra+piyush patilimage source:-EngineersDream

Explicit Intent

Explicit Intent is the simplest type of intent it doesn’t interact with other services. It work between Activity’s it provides connectivity to jump from one activity to another activity. It is a way for an application to launch various internal activities it has as the user interacts with the application.

Implicit Intent

Implicit Intent is type of intent which works with the services internal and external both. Internal services means services which is available in the phone for example camera, music player, gallery, etc. External services means which are not available in phone for example sms, mail or Internet, etc. It is use for Activity, broadcastReciver, services.

This is handled by the process of Intent resolution, which maps Intent to an Activity, broadcastReciver, services that handle it. The intent resolution mechanism basically revolves around matching Intent against all of the <intent-filter> descriptions in the installed application packages.

Pending Intent

Pending intent is not considered as intent resolution. This type of intent use for notifications, as we saw in our phone the notification shows the short message we can read by clicking on it or ignore by swapping it. This all can do with the help of pending intent.

Primary attributes which include with Intent 

  • action:- the general action, like ACTION_MAIN, ACTION_VIEW, ACTION_EDIT, etc
  • data :- the data which we use or operate, like contacts

Other than this primary attributes we have some secondary attributes

  • category
  • component
  • type
  • extras

Fingerprinting : The finest touch to your victim.

Hello,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra . As we saw in the past that there are total five phases in penetration testing/hacking/ pentesting.

For guide click here :-  Steps/Phases in System, Server, Organization Hacking

Here we go for the next tutorial which helps us to do the fingerprinting. In which we can get information including

  •   Operating System running on the target/victims machine.
  •  Applications running on the victims machine.

What will be the benefits of doing this ?

Vulnerability finding time is saved, so you got your victim in hand.

What’s next ?

After finding the Operating Systems & Applications running on the victims machine. You can go to the next phase Second Phase of Hacking is Scanning.

How ?

Fire up the kali linux machine. As already stated in

Check this for beneficial contents. In Kali Linux use ping commands to check whether the host is alive or not. If the response is fine then use command telnet victims IP port(80)

Here are some of the Screenshots which compromise my VMware machines.

No problem if you are not familiar with commands Use the GUI version of nmap called as ZenMap.

And when finding the OS information and Applications running on the victims machine by GUI use IDServe.

To download it visit :- www.grc.com/id/id-serrve.htm

fingerprinting +knowledgesuttra



For the next phase Keep in touch with us.

The reason behind Litecoin’s [LTC] decreasing in price

Today we are talking about Litecoin(LTC) if you want to know about Litecoin then read our previous blog and as we discuss in the previous blog cryptocurrency market increased 40% in 48 hours but in other hand Litecoin coin price getting decreases not in 48 hours but from the month of February

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so let’s see why Litecoin(LTC) price decrease but firstly let see .what’s the condition of Litecoin(LTC) in last few months

The condition of Litecoin(LTC) in the last few months?

In 2017 Litecoin(LTC) was the big boom in cryptocurrency market and now it’s becoming the unsafe investment option , as well as Litecoin(LTC) is very volatile in present time and it’s  going through the up and down in this over month it is news for Litecoin(LTC) investor.

In Feb,  Litecoin is a big boom in the cryptocurrency market that this two project also launches. and sudden the  Litecoin Cash,LitePay  this two project is failed that time because the Litecoin(LTC) prices , these two project considered as failed

 Litepay service

mistaking dispatch for the new installment benefit LitePay has implied awful news at the cost of Litecoin, its picked digital currency. The famous Bitcoin elective dropped to as low as $215 on Feb, a seven percent plunge from ongoing highs.

It’s as yet not by any stretch of the imagination clear what occurred with LitePay’s eagerly awaited dispatch. The administration conveyed an email to supporters uncovering that issues with charge card organizations would defer client enrollments uncertainly, however the site was pushing forward with plans to begin enlisting dealers who will acknowledge LitePay once it winds up accessible.

In the month of Feb the price of one Litecoin(LTC) is 163.68 USD then the price regularly decreases and this month of July the price is 85.11 USD you can the major difference between the amount.

Why Litecoin(LTC) price decrease?

As we know it the Digital asset as well as it very hyper-volatile that’s why Litecoin(LTC) survive Up and Down in their price.

that’s why recommended that ,don’t put your all money in Cryptocurrency(Digital asset)

Meteorite : Some Unknow Fact

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today we are discus about the meteorites and benefits of meteorite for earth. As we know every meteorite is a part of early lost worlds, it is a part of any destroyed planet or it looks like rock. But guys do you know the elements which is present in the earth, is comes from this meteorites or space particles.

Past research found that numerous space rocks seem to have comparable circles and syntheses and that every “space rock family” shaped when an impact smashed a planet-estimate body into numerous pieces. As of not long ago, researchers had proposed that lone around 44 percent of the space rocks in the inward primary belt had a place with five space rock families, each named after their biggest body — Flora, Vesta, Nysa, Polana, and Eulalia. Presently, analysts find that basically, every one of the space rocks in the internal principle belt has a place with either the five primary families there or to individuals from old scattered “phantom” families.


The analysts found that around 85 percent of the space rocks in the internal primary belt had a place with the five fundamental space rock families there. The rest of the 15 or so percent additionally either had a place with these five families or, more probable, originated from a couple of apparition families, they said.

These new discoveries cast light on the inceptions of most shooting stars that hit Earth. “Researchers have these great accumulations of shooting stars, and they’re all marginally unique,”

Dermott said. “The central issue was, ‘Are these distinctions in the shooting stars since they originate from a substantial number of various articles, or on the grounds that they originate from a couple of items that advanced after some time?’ We’re stating these shooting stars by and large originate from few protests that were genuinely huge, many kilometers in width or more.”

How cryptocurrency market added 40 billion in 48 hours

Today we are talking about cryptocurrency market added 40 billion in 48 hours today we want to know the reason behind the how cryptocurrency market added 40 billion in 48 hours but first, we look at the price of which cryptocurrency price is an increase let ‘s go through it
which cryptocurrency price is an increase?
above we discuss the cryptocurrency market added 40 billion in 48 hours its means other cryptocurrency price has increased and that is bitcoin, ether, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash this digital asset has gained at the range of 5 to 10% as well as Ripple(XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), EOS, and Cardano (ADA) have been the best performing major pushed assets on July 3. Cardano recorded an all around the requested expansion of 16 per cent while EOS saw a 13 per cent rise in regard. These major moved assets have performed particularly deficiently against the US dollar and bitcoin all through late weeks.on 3 July the amount of Bitcoin(BTC) continue on $4.6 billion and Ethereum(ETH) is fixed on at the $1.7 billion and now we can see it is nearly doubled since last week as well
so this the current condition of Cryptocurrency market now guys we see the present top 10 cryptocurrency and their price
rank cryptocurrency price
1 Bitcoin(BTC) $6,680.39
2 Ethereum(ETH) $472.40
3 Ripple(XRP) $0.493459
4 Bitcoin Cash(BCH) $768.89
5 EOS $9.05
6 Litecoin(LTC) $86.69
7 Cardano(ADA) $0.155227
8 Stellar(XLM) $0.212063
9 IOTA $1.22
10 Tether(USDT) $0.998843

This is the present top 10 cryptocurrency
Now time to know how cryptocurrency market added 40 billion in 48 hours?
it is the simple reason as we know the cryptocurrency is hyper-volatile that’s why it the reason behind the cryptocurrency market increase by 40 billion similarly cryptocurrency market is an increase at any time is also decrease to zero stay aware guys

if you are investing in cryptocurrency then you have converted a digital asset to paper money or your country currency and importantly don’t spend the all of your life saving on cryptocurrency because cryptocurrency is hyper-volatile