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Black holes are perhaps the most mysterious objects in the universe. Several researches done by scientists till now tells that, it is region of space time exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing—not even particles and electromagnetic radiation such as light—can escape from inside it.

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The first question which arrives in the mind is that how this mysterious thing comes in existence, surprisingly black holes are born when star runs out of it’s nuclear fuel.


As this happen the dying star explodes with a bang to form a supernova and what’s left behind is a blackhole. You guys at this moment must be imaging that our sun will one day definitely became an blackhole but no it’s not gonna happen since our sun is not that massive neither it’s gravitational force is that much strong.

 Now let’s see the lifespan of the block hole as per the research and study made by the scientists says that a black hole with the mass of our sun will take 10^67 years to evaporate and about 10^100 years for the largest blackholes in the universe surprisingly it is more than the age of the universe itself but definitely it will also not last forever.


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As we have seen the birth and lifespan of the black hole now it’s time to see it’s so called death. As per the Hawking black holes evaporates. During evaporation the it emits energy in the form of positive particles that escapes from the black hole.

As time passes eventually the black hole would lose so much mass which makes it small and unstable too. And at some moment it will just disappear.

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