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Today we talk about Anabolic state and Catabolic state. Because it the most basic thing for make your own diet or wanted to good physique. If you know the concept of Anabolic state and Catabolic state then you will be able to make your great physique.

So today we know about what is anabolic state and catabolic state? also difference between anabolic state and catabolic state

What is Anabolic state and Catabolic state?

Anabolic State:-

An anabolic state means our body is repairing muscle and tissue. When your taking rest that time our body will be repairing the tissues and muscle so this called as Anabolic state .

Catabolic State :-

An catabolic state means your body is breaking down the tissues and muscle. When you doing workout, cardio or any other physical activity that time in our muscle get tiny tear the longer you workout the more damage you get to your muscle and tissues. So this is called as Catabolic state .

So we must avoid to go in Catabolic state because, if are you doing workout more than 60 min. That time your body go to catabolic state hence cause muscle loss. So, how to in stable into .

Anabolic State:-

Firstly you have to get good and balance diet also balance your macronutrients. Eat meal containing protein in between 2-3 hour per day. If you dont eat food for long that caused body breaking down muscle tissue for energy(Catabolic state).

So, following guide will help to how you stable in anabolic state because catabolic state is very harmful for our body.

For the anabolic state we must have good nutrition also we have proper schedule for wake in the morning to sleep

Breakfast :-

Keep in the mind never ever skip the morning breakfast because we get the sleep 7 to 8 hour that time we dont eat any food. So you need to give some food to your from get out to catabolic state.


Like wise you dont skip the lunch also in your lunch have good amount protein that make you to get better result in your physique
To see in your good result in your physique you must have balanced macros.


Your workout doesn’t be for longer that 90 min. Because the longer you workout, the more tissue and muscle will be break. If your workout is for longer than 60 min. Then must be use sport drink


It is the very very important factor for recovery because your body will fast recover during sleep. In sleep our body is in rest so that you have to sleep for 6 to 8 hour non-stop.

So, this blog will be very helpful for your clear the concept of Anabolic state and catabolic state.


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