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find Vulnerability in NETWORK+knowledgesuttra

NESSUS : Tool to discover, scan and find Vulnerability in NETWORK

In the previous session we’ve discussed about gaining the information of our victim. This guide is about scanning the network ...
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diet for beginner+knowledgesuttra

A proper Diet Plan for beginner

As you all know for best physique proper meal planning or nutrition planing is the key, On these point lets ...
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Gaia Sausage Galaxy Merged With Our Milky Way Galaxy+knowledgesuttra

Gaia Sausage Galaxy Merged With Our Milky Way Galaxy

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today we will know about “Gaia Sausage Galaxy” and collision between the Milky Way and ...
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intent+android studio+knowledgesuttra+piyush patil

Android Studio Tutorial: what is intent

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. In our previous blog Layout and views, we saw the types of layouts and views, ...
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Fingerprinting : The finest touch to your victim.

Hello,welcome to KnowledgeSuttra . As we saw in the past that there are total five phases in penetration testing/hacking/ pentesting ...
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LTC price drop+knowledgesuttra

The reason behind Litecoin’s [LTC] decreasing in price

Today we are talking about Litecoin(LTC) if you want to know about Litecoin then read our previous blog and as ...
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stock market

How cryptocurrency market added 40 billion in 48 hours

Today we are talking about cryptocurrency market added 40 billion in 48 hours today we want to know the reason ...
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phishing+knowledgesuttra+rushabh gedam

Phishing : Stay Safe or Sacrifice Yourself.

Hi,welcome to Knowledgesuttra.  Phishing, one of the most popular type of attack in cyber world. previously we  had uploaded blog ...
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