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1 million time faster Computer Speed using lasers

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Guys today we discuss about how can we make computers faster and how much operations will done per second after making computers fast. The new computer technique that uses laser light pulses to make a prototype of fundamental unit of computing which is known as bit.

A bit is consist of two states and it switch between them on and off or ‘1’ and ‘0’ states. In the modern computers it’s about 1 million times faster than the bits. Ordinary computers like adding machine to the cell phone or workstation you’re utilizing to peruse this think in term of 1s and 0s. All that they do, from taking care of math issues, to speaking to the universe of a computer game, adds up to an extremely expound accumulation of 1-or-0, yes-or-no tasks. Furthermore, a typical computer in 2018 can utilize silicon bits to perform pretty much 1 billion of those activities for every second.

Quantum computing at room temperature

The scientists additionally raised the likelihood that their cross section could be utilized for quantum computing at room temperature. That is a sort of blessed vessel for quantum computing since most existing quantum computers expect specialists to first cool their quantum bits down to close total zero, the coldest conceivable temperature. The scientists demonstrated that it’s hypothetically conceivable to energize the electrons in this cross section to “superposition’s” of the 1 and 0 tracks — or equivocal conditions of being somewhat kind of fuzzily on the two tracks in the meantime — that are essential for quantum- computing estimations.

“Over the long haul, we see a reasonable shot of presenting quantum data gadgets that perform activities quicker than a solitary wavering of a lightwave,”

For a computer billion operations per second is not so cool. Now a days the cool think is that a million billion operations per second. This will be possible with the help of laser light pulses.

NASA’s new VASIMR plasma engine could get us to mars in only 39 days

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today we are discussing about the plasma engine. Guys do you know NASA is working on the plasma engine for space crafts. The plasma engine increases the speed of space crafts and reduces it’s time to reach at any planet.

  Most of the rockets are chemical rockets they use chemicals for the launch. With the help of chemicals reaction they make explosion for launch. Chemical rockets are heavy and fast-burning, which is good for the rocket launch from earth but it is not good for the long distance mission’s outer solar system.

How VASIMR work?

A rocker engine is a canister containing the high pressure gas. When we open a hole from one end, the gas will squirts out and the rocket goes to the other way. The speed of Rocket is totally depending on the hotness of the stuff in the canister. But the problem is that it is too hot it can melt the canister.

But the VASIMR engine is very much different from this. The fuel of VASIMR is electrically charged, when the gas gets heat and reached above 10,000kelvines, it gets converted into the plasma an electrically charges soup of the particle. Then the created particle can be held together with the help of magnetic field. And that magnetic field becomes the canister and this canister having no limit to contain plasma doesn’t matter how much it is hot.

Speed of VASIMR

With the help of advanced technologies reduces the total specific mass to less than 2 kg/kW. With the 200 MW of electrical power trip times of less than 60 days will be possible. It is assuming that the one way trips to mars lasting less than 39 days are conceivable using 200 MW of power. Assuming the speed of VASIMR rocket is nearly 123,000 mph.

Parker Solar Probe:a mission to Explore sun

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. NASA is now targeting to explore the sun . Over the years Scientists have tail so many truths about the sun, but there are so many things which we still don’t know about the sun.

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is scheduled for launch in 2018 to explore the Sun’s outer atmosphere. According to the statement of NASA, the spacecraft well within the orbit of mercury and go closer to the surface that any spacecraft has gone before. The spacecraft will enter into the Sun’s atmosphere as close as 6.2 million kilometers to our star’s surface.

Parker solar probe

The spacecraft is of very small in size it about a size of a small car. It will directly insert into the sun’s atmosphere. The essential science objectives for the mission are to follow how vitality and warmth travel through the sun powered crown. The mission will be for comprehension of the sun. The spacecraft is having very high speed. The speed of spacecraft is approximately 430,000mph.


NASA missions are frequently renamed after dispatch and affirmation. For this circumstance, given Parker’s accomplishments inside the field, and how immovably balanced this mission is with his examination, the decision was made to regard him before dispatch, keeping` mind the end goal to attract regard for his imperative commitments to heliophysics and space science.

Parker Solar Probe is a bit of NASA’s Living with a Star Program, or LWS, to research parts of the Sun-Earth structure that clearly impact life and society. LWS is overseen by the NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington. The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, in Laurel, Maryland, deals with the Parker Solar Probe mission for NASA. APL is planning and building the rocket and will likewise work it.

How Asteroid Delivered Water to Earth shown by Cannon Experiment

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today’s topic is how asteroid delivered water to the earth trying to find out by the cannon experiment. The biggest questions in the planetary science is that the origin and transportation of water and volatile. Scientists just try to find out how water delivered to the earth. To find that they do cannon experiment.

Water on the earth

The hypothesis that Earth’s water may have originated from space asteroid isn’t another one. Truth be told, past research has demonstrated that the water on our planet has a comparable structure of isotopes as water found in carbonaceous asteroids antiquated, water-rich space shakes that much of the time beat Earth amid the planet’s initial years. The group created an investigation that utilized shotgun impacts to recreate the power of high-speed asteroid effects and test how much water content if any could be exchanged through such crashes.

Space experts initially felt that Earth’s water came for the most part from comets. Be that as it may, late research has pegged asteroids as the plausible fundamental conveyance framework. Estimations have demonstrated that water found on Earth has a comparative synthesis of isotopes variations of a similar substance component that vary in the quantity of neutrons as water contained in carbonaceous asteroid. At the point when the scientists shot their smaller than normal shooting stars at the little Earths, they watched that a huge extent of the water from the shots got caught in rock both in the stuff that was softened by the warmth of the effect and in the material that blended from the clutter of effect flotsam and jetsam, a kind of rock known as a breccia.

“We’re recommending that the water vapor gets ingested into the melts and breccia’s as they form”. “So despite the fact that the impactor loses its water, some of it is recovered as the melt quickly extinguishes.”

Featured image credit:- NASA, ESA, M.A. Garlick (, University of Warwick, and University of Cambridge.

Mysterious ingredient of Dark Matter: “WHITE HOLES”

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today we are talking about the White Hole.  you have any idea about the White Hole, the experts assuming from the theory it is opposites of black hole. As we know the major portion of the mysterious dark matter that make up most of the matter in the universe. Researchers said that some of these bizarre White Holes may even predate the Big Bang according to the new study.

As we know about the Black Hole, it possesses gravitational pulls so powerful that not even light, which is fastest thing in the universe. Black Hole is one of the predictions of Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Another prediction is about White Hole, which is like a Black Hole in reverse. In the Black Hole nothing can be escape event horizon just like its opposite in the White Hole nothing can enter a White Hole’s event horizon.

Notwithstanding, earlier work in the 1970s recommended that Black Hole likewise could have started inside a moment after the Big Bang, because of arbitrary changes of density in the hot, quickly growing infant universe. Regions, where these vacillations concentrated matter together, could have felled to shape Black Hole.

Indeed, white holes with minuscule distances across could, in any case, be very monstrous, similarly as Black Hole littler than a sand grain can measure more than the moon. Albeit dark matter is thought to make up five-sixths of all matter in the universe, researchers don’t comprehend what it’s made of. As its name proposes, the dull issue is imperceptible; it doesn’t emanate, reflect or even square light. Subsequently, the dark matter can at present be followed just by its gravitational consequences for the normal matter, for example, that making up stars and worlds. The idea of the dark matter is as of now one of the best mysteries in science.

There Are A Steady Tornadoes on Sun

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Friends do you know according to new research on our sun there are Tornadoes but they do not spin like earth based tornadoes do. These tornadoes first observed over 100 years ago. It is known as Giant solar tornadoes.

There Are Tornadoes on Sun But They Don’t Spin Like Earth-Based Cousins Do Composite image of a solar prominence, observed by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory on August 31, 2012. Image via NASA/SDO/GSFC/EWASS and NAM.


The Giant solar tornadoes also called as prominences. Few years back NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory take spectacular images and the images shown that this giant structure is same as the structure of tornadoes on earth we say them down here.

What is the size of Giant solar tornadoes and its structure

This is the massive object it is large in size it is having the size more than the size of Earth. It is made up of a hot gas comprised of electrically changed hydrogen, plasma and helium that comes out of the sun. They shape over timescales of about a day, and stable ones may hold on for a while, circling a huge number of miles into space. In any case, up to this point, with just two-dimensional pictures as a guide, researchers had figured they may rotate like tornadoes do. Yet, that may not be the situation.

Ka-Booooooom! [hd video]

Presently, utilizing the Doppler impact to add a third measurement to their information, stargazers have estimated the speed of the moving plasma and in addition its direction, temperature and thickness. Utilizing quite a while of perceptions, they are presently ready to develop an entire photo of the attractive field structure that backings the plasma.

Brigitte Schmieder, another researcher engaged with the work, said that “sun based tornadoes sound alarming however in certainty they ordinarily have no observable outcomes for us. Be that as it may, when a tornado noticeable quality ejects, it can cause what’s known as space climate, conceivably harming force, satellite and correspondence arranges on Earth.”

From where the heaviest elements of the periodic table get made

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Friends everyone had seen the periodic table in high school. All the elements in the universe list out in the back of chemistry textbooks and nerdy posters. Everyone learn it and study about it but there is no proof of most of the elements on the table come from.

On August 17, 2017, LIGO and Virgo joint efforts recognized gravitational waves passing the Earth this were the fifth since forever identified and it was named GW170817, and after around two seconds after the recognition, ESA’s INTEGRAL telescope and NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope watched a short gamma-ray burst. This is the first run through, cosmologists have watched the wellspring of gravitational waves, made by the merger of two neutron stars, the occasion caused by the disastrous aftermaths of this sort of merger, was for some time anticipated, over 30 years prior and it was known as a kilonovae, which discharge overwhelming components, for example, gold and platinum into space.

We can discover these components on Earth, yet we don’t know how our little planet got them. They surely didn’t from here. Nearly everything on the Earth is obtained either from clean abandoned amid the development of the nearby planetary group or got as comets and space rocks colliding with the planet.

After black hole, neutron stars are the densest known questions in the universe. Each is the measure of a city, with a mass more noteworthy than that of Earth’s sun; a teaspoon of this thick material would, hence, measure a billion tons. Neutron stars are made after stars more monstrous than Earth’s sun detonate as supernovas, abandoning super dense charged bundles of turning matter made principally out of neutrons, impartial particles that, alongside protons, are found inside atomic nuclei.

Neutron stars, subsequently, contain a portion of the building blocks of nuclear cores. In the event that these neutrons are by one means or another discharged from a neutron star, they may experience responses that enable them to stick together, making components heavier than iron.

Insect Spy Drone with Dragonfly like Wings

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today we are going to discuss the Insect spy drone. Friends, you know about the Insect spy drone? The Insect spy drones are small in size like mosquito they can fly. The US Government funded to produce this kind of Drones.

The US Government producing this kind of drones for the urban areas. The Insect spy drone can land on you and it is having potential to take a DNA sample or leave RFID tracking on your skin, nanotechnology. It can be remotely controlled and it is having a camera and a microphone attached to it. It can fly and follow you to your home and send information with the help of trackers. It can attach with your clothes also until it is in your home

Applications and Design of Insect spy drone

The MAV’s i.e. Micro Air Vehicles they develop it in the form of tiny flying objects like a mosquito. The Application of Micro Air Vehicles or Insect spy drone in scientific and military people. Because the Insect spy drone having camera microphones, it can fly also and having other sensors with the help of that it can take pictures, videos and other useful scientific and biological information from people and it can go that places also where humans can’t reach. In the military, the Insect spy drone is very used full it can enter into the terrorist area and find all the details and send it to the military, from this information they can attack easily and catch them.

For the scientists, it will go at that Reagan or place where humans cannot reach. It can collect information from that places and give to the scientists for research. It can use to collect DNA samples of peoples and collect the information of them for the police. It can also use for the security of home and a particular area.

For the scientists, it will go at that Reagan or place where humans cannot reach. It can collect information from that places and give to the scientists for research. It can use to collect DNA samples of peoples and collect the information of them for the police. It can also use for the security of home and a particular area.

MIT try to build world’s most powerful fusion power plants within 15 years

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Friends do you know about the Nuclear fusion, it is the most promising source of clean energy. Nuclear fusion generates power and heat by fusing hydrogen atoms into helium. This heat could be converted into immense amounts of electricity.

Researchers have been taking a shot at building up a fusion reactor since the 1940s. So far the issue with each attempt has been creating as much power as the reactors take to run, don’t bother exceeding it. A standout amongst the most encouraging plans for a nuclear fusion reactor is the tokamak, a chamber that utilizations effective magnets to make a magnetic field to restrict the hot plasma created by nuclear fusion in the shape of a torus, or donut.

Not to be mistaken for nuclear fusion, which is the thing that nuclear power comprises of today and which depends on atom-splitting, the nuclear fusion produces power by melding hydrogen atoms into helium. It’s a similar sort of nuclear process that happens inside stars, including our own Sun. The heat that combination produces can keep running into a huge number of degrees Celsius – and, on the off chance that it can be saddled, this heat could be changed over into tremendous measures of electricity.

MIT has reported that it is working with another privately owned company called Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) to make nuclear fusion at long last happen. CFS as of late pulled in a $50 million investment from the Italian energy company ENI, which it will use to support the development. The objective? “The 15-year timetable is to get a gadget that puts 200 megawatts on the matrix,” CFS CEO and MIT graduate Robert Mumgaard told Gizmodo. “That is a little city.”


“If MIT can do what they are saying—and I have no reason to think that they can’t — this is a major step forward,”

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By Manipulating Just Two Atoms Scientists Make Alloy Like Molecule

Hello everyone welcome to KnowledgeSuttra. Today we are discussing about little bit Chemistry : sticking together just two atoms from elements that wouldn’t normally form a molecule. Scientists have just performed the world’s most precisely controlled chemical reaction which give alloy like molecule .

“The first occasion when that we’ve possessed the capacity to take precisely one particle and another particle of another species and join them in an atom, segregated”.

“Some have possessed the capacity to do them on surfaces; however, we do it with no different things to meddle.”

How They Do That

The physics here isn’t too difficult to get it. Researchers have for quite some time possessed the capacity to push around single molecules inside billows of numerous atoms. For this situation, they utilized two optical “tweezers” at two particular wavelengths.  Fundamentally, this is two distinctively colored lasers centered with a focal point so every laser controls one of two separate molecules, one cesium (Cs) and one sodium (Na) atom. They’re kept still at close outright zero of every a vacuum. The scientists at that point cover the beams to trap the two molecules.

Far-fetched doesn’t mean impossible, however: in the event that these two molecules happen to be sufficiently close to the correct energy, a connection can form.

To accomplish this ideal mix of energy and timing, the specialists held single molecules in covering magneto-optical traps and pelted them with photons to cool them off to a small amount of a degree above outright zero. Then, they utilized a couple of lasers tuned to make an electrical impact, making every particle move towards every laser’s concentration as though they were maneuvered into two science fiction tractor beams.

Adjacent, the two particles can impact effectively. This still doesn’t really ensure they’ll bond, given the need to moderate the correct momentum and energy levels.

A definitive objective is to tailor the production of significantly more complex particles, making use of their classic shapes as well as making modest quantum segments for the upcoming age of computing.